Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Il Tempio delle Clessidre (2010)

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Il Tempio delle Clessidre - front

Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Il Tempio delle Clessidre (2010)
Progressive Rock/RPI | EAC Rip | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log | MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 10 Tracks
Scans(600dpi) Included | Black Widow Records, BWRCD 123-2 | ~390 + 178 Mb | FSonic, FServe, Uploaded

Great 70's style Italian progressive featuring Museo Rosenbach singer Stefano Galifi. Plenty mellotron just like an old Museo Rosenbach album. Plenty varied with long instrumental parts...


Well......... I am suppose to write something, but I have now started this review five times and used the erase button every single time. This is my sixth time and although this may not be an review Ernest Hemingway would have written, I will crack on.

The reason is not technical malfunctions with ProgArchives. The reasons for my start and erase attempts is this album itself. Let me explain.........

Il Tempo Delle Clessidre has very probably taken the bandname from a Museo Rosenbach title. In any case, the vocalist on this album is Stefano "Lupo" Galifi, the vocalist in the above mentioned classic RPI band. You know by then that you are in for something really special, vocal wise. And you are right. The vocals are absolute mind-blowing brilliant. Explanation needed....... Stefano sings in a lyrical, very melodic way with a very distinct delivery of the Italian words. He can be harsh, he can be tender. His vocals is in short the sound of the RPI scene, anno 1975.

But his vocals does not matter much if the music is not at the same high standards as his.

O holy mackerel..........

O holy mackerel..........

O holy mackerel..........

To my eternal delight and jaw dropping surprise, the music is at the same high standard as Stefano's vocals. This album is by no means a famous vocalist & a band. This album is the creation of Il Tempo Delle Clessidre. There is no weakness to detect at all.

Where do I start ? Well, with the instrumentation and sound for example. You get the beloved sound you would get from bands like Museo Rosenbach, Osanna, PFM and Biglietto. That means vintage keyboards, haunting electric guitars, good acoustic guitars, thundering bass and drums. Everything delivered with the highest quality possible by some very experienced and skilled musicians. In short, the sound is a solid RPI smorgasboard which will send any RPI fans into fits of pure joy.

The music is a healthy mix of lyrical ballads and some majestic, heavy songs. There is even a bonus track here which is attached to the final song here with a one minute long break. A great song btw so don't turn of the music rack before you have heard this song. In short; the songs are very typical RPI songs.

The quality......... well you may have noticed that I regard this as a masterpiece. Not only that; this album goes into my top ten list of the best ever RPI albums from year 1900 to this day.

The opening two minutes of this album really sets the tone with Verso l'Alba. By then, your ears would had been on full alert when listening to this majestic song. It is pure brilliance from start to the end. I can run through the songs one by one. But that is not my style. I would rather mention the highlights. A song like the majestic and eerie Danza Esoterica di Datura. Or the best song on this album; Il Centro Sottile.

This album is also backed up with a brilliant booklet. Just to repeat myself; this album goes into my list of the best ever RPI albums. It is therefore a masterpiece in my view and a worthy five stars album.

5 stars

~ toroddfuglesteg , progarchives

Il Tempio delle Clessidre

Il Tempio delle Clessidre:

Il Tempio delle Clessidre are an Italian prog band from Genova and were formed in 2006 on the initiative of Elisa Montaldo and Gabriele Guidi Colombi (two young musicians who previously had been both members of a band called Hidebehind) who met with veteran Stefano "Lupo" Galifi, vocalist on famous Museo Rosenbach's album "Zarathustra" and later rock-blues singer in local cover bands. The first line up was completed by Massimiliano Costacurta and Corrado Bronzato. The name of the band was inspired by the title of a part of the suite "Zarathustra" and the initial idea of the musicians was to play on stage the whole album "Zarathustra" with the original singer using vintage sounds a new arrangements, then turn to the composition of original pieces in the same vein.

After some line up changes, in September 2010 the band released an eponymous debut album on the independent label Black Widow Records containing only original pieces. The present line up fatures Elisa Montaldo (keyboards), Stefano "Lupo" Galifi (vocals), Fabio Gremo (bass), Giulio Canepa (guitars) and Paolo Tixi (drums). The main sources of inspirations of the band are the prog masters of Rock Progrssivo Italiano, not only Museo Rosenbach but also Banco del Muto Soccorso, Locanda delle Fate and Il Balletto di Bronzo, just to name a few. Elisa Montaldo and Fabio Gremo collaborate also in other projects like Daedalus and Ianva.

-Bio provided by Andrea Parentin

~ Progarchives

Il Tempio delle Clessidre - Il Tempio delle Clessidre (2010):

Il Tempio delle Clessidre - cd


01. Verso l'Alba [0:02:52.34]
02. Insolita Parte di Me [0:07:20.60]
03. Boccadasse [0:05:20.63]
04. Le Due Meta della Notte [0:05:18.71]
05. La Stanza Nascosta [0:05:10.01]
06. Danza Esoterica di Datura [0:06:12.44]
07. Faldistorium [0:06:02.18]
08. L'Attesa [0:04:36.18]
09. Il Centro Sottile [0:10:39.70]
10. Antidoto Mentale [0:03:29.31]


Stefano “Lupo” Galifi: Vocals
Elisa Montaldo: Piano, Keyboards, Organ, Concertina, Vocals, Sounds
Fabio Gremo: Bass
Giulio Canepa: Guitars
Paolo Tixi: Drums

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Il Tempio delle Clessidre / Il Tempio delle Clessidre

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3 | 10:13.19 | 5:20.63 | 45994 | 70056
4 | 15:34.07 | 5:18.71 | 70057 | 93977
5 | 20:53.03 | 5:10.01 | 93978 | 117228
6 | 26:03.04 | 6:12.44 | 117229 | 145172
7 | 32:15.48 | 6:02.18 | 145173 | 172340
8 | 38:17.66 | 4:36.18 | 172341 | 193058
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07 [4E541804] [0BC35005]
08 [3F3CE056] [12E53388]
09 [E6997E95] [50A681A4]
10 [630FE4C8] [B4DAC1EE]

Il Tempio delle Clessidre - back

All thanks go to parsrecar

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Posted By: attisska72 Date: 09 Mar 2011 16:22:19
Thank You very much!
Posted By: JabJab Date: 09 Mar 2011 16:48:00
Have heard good things about this band; will finaly get a chance to listen. Thankks v3122 :D
Posted By: andre88 Date: 18 Mar 2011 14:45:49
A Must for every Prog Fan!!many Thanks for your Reup!For me one of the Best Album's 2010!
Posted By: EDTOPIA Date: 17 Jun 2011 23:26:57
Uno de los mejores discos de Rock Progresivo de 2010.
Thank you very much!