Hardware - Third Eye Open (Buddy Miles, Bootsy Collins, Bill Laswell, Stevie Salas) (1992)

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Hardware - Third Eye Open (Buddy Miles, Bootsy Collins, Bill Laswell, Stevie Salas) (1992)
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Third Eye Open is a 1992 album release by the Funk/Rock band Hardware. Hardware consists of lead guitarist Steve Salas, P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins, and drummer Buddy Miles, formerly of the Band of Gypsys. The album was produced by Bill Laswell and co-produced by Steve Salas. The album was the first to be released as part of Laswell's Black Arc Series, which includes "Lord of the Harvest" by Zillatron, "Out Of The Dark by O.G. Funk, and "Under The 6" by Slave Master.
The group was originally known as Third Eye, and that's the way the 1993 Japanese CD reads, but before they released the CD in the US, it was discovered that another group had that name and was ready to sue. This was one of the first Black Arc releases, produced by Bill Laswell. It revives the 'supergroup concept' of a hardrocking band based around drums, guitar and bass. The main problem with the whole thing for me is that I don't much care for Stevie Salas. His guitar playing is too bombastic, lacking subtlety and taste. On the other hand, it's great to hear Bootsy doing rock material, a side that was never properly explored when he joined Funkadelic. Because Salas is essentially a one-trick pony, all of the songs start to sound alike, with only some Bootsy variations keeping it afloat. The few rhythm-dominated songs are the best here, as there is simply too much emphasis on guitar otherwise. With Bootsy and Buddy Miles, there's no way that the album should have been this unfunky.


01. Got A Feeling (Steve Salas, Buddy Miles) 6:31
02. Waiting on You (Buddy Miles) 6:10
03. What's Goin' Down (Steve Salas) 5:06
04. Love Obsession (When The Eagle Flies) (Buddy Miles) 4:31
05. Hard Look (Steve Salas, Buddy Miles, Bootsy Collins) 6:06
06. Shake It (Steve Salas, Dave Friendly, Bootsy Collins) 4:26
07. The Walls Came Down (Steve Salas) 4:14
08. 500 Years (Steve Salas) 5:42
09. Tell Me (Steve Salas) 5:22
10. Leakin' (Bootsy Collins) 4:20


Stevie Salas: guitars, vocals
Bootsy Collins: Space bass, vocals
Buddy Miles: drums, fuzz bass, vocals
Gary Mudbone Cooper: background vocals
Bernard Fowler: background vocals
George Clinton: background vocals
David Friendly, Vince McLean, Matt Stein: digital bollocks.

Produced by Bill Laswell, co-produced by Stevie Salas
Recorded at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York

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Hardware / Third Eye Open

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Track 1
Filename C:\_SAVE\_laswell\Hardware - Third Eye Open\01 - Got A Feelin'.wav

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Track 2
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Track 3
Filename C:\_SAVE\_laswell\Hardware - Third Eye Open\03 - What's Goin' Down.wav

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Track quality 99.9 %
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Track 4
Filename C:\_SAVE\_laswell\Hardware - Third Eye Open\04 - Love Obsession (When The Eagle Flies).wav

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Track 5
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Track 6
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Track 7
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Track 8
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Track 9
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Track 10
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Posted By: KGmB Date: 11 Jul 2009 23:03:04
Report more exactly in than mistake - an unpacking of the archive part 2 or garbling the sound of the track 5?
Report if will be a mistakes in PM.
Posted By: KGmB Date: 12 Jul 2009 05:55:52
New part2: http://rapidshare.com/files/254899403/Hard-ThirEyOp.part2.rar
Posted By: Aldoux Date: 11 Sep 2009 03:58:20
I'm a Buddy Miles fan and never had heard about this. Thanks a lot my friend!!!