Alvin Lee's Ten Years Later - Rockpalast Live (1978)

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Alvin Lee's Ten Years Later - Rockpalast Live (1978)
rock | DVD Video | DVD5 | ISO, Cover | 2900MB
MPEG-2 Video, NTSC 4:3 (720:480) | 51 min | rel: 2000 | DD 5.1

For those who have only seen the Woodstock footage of Alvin Lee, you're in for a hell of a suprise. What's he been doing all these years since? My guess is practicing, judging by his playing these days. I had the pleasure of opening up for him with my band about 15 years ago at Toads Place in New Haven, CT. We were expecting an old warhorse to creep in and hack away at his old set, us feeling rather sad for the old geez. Instead Alvin and friends showed up and politely handed us our [rears]. They were tight, he was on top of his game, melodic (which suprised the hell out of me) and outstanding, both from a guitar and a vocal perspective.
This DVD captures all of that and gives you some insight into why he had and should still have a rep as one of the great blues musicians. Well worth checking out. And if you ever get the chance to see him live, go!!!! (amazon)

1 - Gonna Turn You On
2 - Help Me
3 - Ain't Nothing Shaking
4 - Hey Joe
5 - I'm Going Home
6 - Chao Choo Mama
7 - Rip It Up
8 - End Credits

Alvin Lee - guitar & vocals
Tom Compton - drums
Mick Hawksworth - bass

thx to the original uploader

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