Roberto Torres - Siempre Sonando (2000)

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Roberto Torres - Siempre Sonando (2000)

Roberto Torres - Siempre Sonando
Salsa | mp3 320 Kbps | 83 MB
SAR Productions 2000

Roberto Torres left Guines, Cuba in the late 1950s. From his uptown base, on Broadway in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, in 1962 Roberto helped found the Orquesta Broadway. Now living in Miami, his style of singing and arranging remain trenchantly ‘tipico’. If any one person is to be credited with keeping the true sounds of afro-Cuban dance music alive in the United States, it’s Roberto.
01. Si No Me Quieres
02. No Aprietes Tanto
03. Que Lindo El Punto Cubano
04. El Tiburon
05. Desde Oriente Al Occidente
06. Monte Tiene Garabato
07. Te Estoy Invitando
08. Avisale Mi Guajira