Scott Bradley - Tom and Jerry & Tex Avery Too, Volume 1: The 1950s

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Scott Bradley: Tom and Jerry & Tex Avery Too, Volume 1: The 1950s

Scott Bradley - Tom and Jerry & Tex Avery Too, Volume 1: The 1950s
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Scott Bradley (1891-1977) was the musical wizard behind M-G-M's classic Golden Age cartoons. From 1934 to 1957, Bradley was the studio's resident animation composer and provided the musical identity for William Hanna and Joseph Barbera's popular Tom and Jerry shorts as well as the madcap gag-fests of animation legend Tex Avery.

Along with his counterpart at Warner Bros., Bradley helped create the entire genre of "cartoon music," a symphonic/big band fusion that quoted from classical literature and popular songs as it did spectacular acrobatics to catch the on-screen action.

Unlike Carl Stalling's Warner Bros. cartoons, which were heavy in dialogue to allow for characterization, the chase-driven Tom and Jerrys were largely bereft of dialogue, and allowed Bradley more latitude for musical cohesion. However, the rapid-fire Tex Avery shorts required music every bit as schizophrenic and, in retrospect, postmodern as Stalling's famous scores.

Bradley's style is instantly recognizable to the millions who have adored these cartoons—hearing it is like welcoming an old friend. Incredibly, this is the first-ever album release of his work. (An earlier Tex Avery compilation CD was taken from the shorts' composite soundtracks, including dialogue and effects.)

For this premiere CD, FSM has concentrated on Bradley's last period at M-G-M, the reason being that these offer the best sound quality. Nine cartoon scores survive in glorious stereo sound from the original 35mm three-track masters and have been supplemented with an additional 16 monaural cartoons from 17.5mm masters.

The result is 25 complete (or nearly complete) cartoon scores in marvelous sound quality, especially when compared to other historical cartoon music CDs. The scores cover a cross-section of Tom and Jerry and Tex Avery shorts in a variety of styles (romantic, straight-ahead chase, jazzy) and for different settings (Naples, the Old West, 19th-century France), with an enjoyable variety of the main title themes.

This groundbreaking release of the music of Scott Bradley features liner notes by animation music authority Daniel Goldmark.
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Posted By: brilleaux Date: 05 Jul 2009 07:32:01
lossless please
thanks anyway
Posted By: outrageous Date: 05 Jul 2009 08:34:45
It was found on the Internet, so I don't have a lossless version.
Posted By: rasatareitafanas Date: 05 Jul 2009 10:15:57
So you want lossless 50's recordings???????
What's next?
Lossless grammophone 78's rips?

Posted By: brebatica Date: 06 Jul 2009 01:57:25
Why? What is wrong to have it in best possible sound?
Posted By: Highender Date: 07 Jul 2009 07:29:46
right, not everyone is a ipod freak! lossless rules.
Posted By: squonk Date: 13 Jul 2009 17:37:09
"So you want lossless 50's recordings???????
What's next?
Lossless grammophone 78's rips?"

LOL (LMAO)! Good point...


CD1 - 79:41
01 - Touche, Pussy Cat! 6:26
02 - That's My Mommy 6:07
03 - Deputy Droopy 5:36
04 - Blue Cat Blues 7:10
05 - TV of Tomorrow 7:30
06 - Busy Buddies 6:03
07 - Mouse for Sale 6:50
08 - Neapolitan Mouse 7:12
09 - Dixieland Droopy 7:33
10 - Give and Tyke 6:13
11 - Happy Go Ducky 5:58
12 - Little Johnny Jet 7:03

CD2 - 79:23
01 - Field and Scream 5:52
02 - Pecos Pest 6:07
03 - Billy Boy 5:53
04 - Downbeat Bear 5:39
05 - Pet Peeve 5:45
06 - Tom and Cherie 6:23
07 - Cellbound 5:20
08 - Tom's Photo Finish 6:07
09 - Downhearted Duckling 6:30
10 - Scat Cats 6:12
11 - Homesteader Droopy 6:59
12 - Barbeque Brawl 6:28
13 - Tot Watchers 6:08
Posted By: Billeke2 Date: 27 Feb 2010 00:09:11
Thank you! Some time ago I had thought about a CD with the works that Scott Bradley composed for "Tom and Jerry", but did not yet exist. That's it!
The beginning of each track is slightly cut. It may have been a problem with the compression software used for either the master tapes are damaged.
Posted By: rethrick Date: 11 Apr 2011 15:52:43
I know this is years old. Any chance of getting an reup on this great CD collection?
Posted By: av2000 Date: 08 Sep 2011 06:57:54
Thanks a lot! That's avesome. But there is a problem: volumes 5,6,7 was deleted from firefactory. Is it possible to repost them?