Nina Hynes And The Husbands - Really Really Do - 2007

Posted By: jazzydevil
Nina Hynes And The Husbands - Really Really Do
Genre: Rock, Indie | CD | MP3 | VBR ~200 | 83.8Mb

Dubliner Nina Hynes, along with her band, makes a bittersweet sort of rock music. She employs a pretty, fragile vocal style, at times sounding remarkably like Bjork. On "William Tell," Creation's opening track, she sounds so much like Bjork that the resemblance is a bit unnerving, or at least distracting. Still, the song presents a brutally sweet overture, mildly frightening in tone, but extremely pleasing and accomplished. Nina Hynes is at her best when she leaves behind the Bjorkish mimicry, and it's hard to fault this fine collection of dreamy, stylish tunes. Unless she wants to be pegged as the front-runner for the lead-singer spot in a Sugarcubes cover band, she will hopefully concentrate more on her own, powerful thematics.


1. Flutter and Wow
2. Somewhere out there
3. Fitness
4. Really Really Do
5. Avalanche
5. Moving on
6. Baby's Eyes
7. Watch You Crawl
8. Bang Bang
9. I Could Be
10. Turn On