Mo' Wax - Headz

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Mo' Wax - Headz

Mo' Wax - Headz
Genre: Electronic Downtempo Trip Hop | MP3 @ 192kbps | 186Mb

A seminal favorite from James Lavelle's legendary "trip hop" label.

With most of hip-hop imitation and derivative drivel it's hard to remember that there was a time when the Beat meant something, when a Beat was carefully crafted and everything stemmed from there. Mo' Wax caught the essence of this during the mid 90s, putting out such artists as DJ Shadow and DJ Krush.

Well constructed hip-hop beats, a tinge of experimental jazz, a little turntablism finesse, and minimal vocal samples dropped in at just the right amount make these some killer sounds, never taking away from the Beat.

Many of the artists on here - Nightmares on Wax, Autechre, DJ Shadow, UNKLE and Howie B. - would go on to have a tremendous impact on the musical soundscape.

It's hard to believe this is over ten years old. It still sounds fresh, maybe even more fresh and relevant, today.

Disc 1

01. Patterson - Freedom Now
02. Attica Blues - Contemplating Jazz
03. Awunsound - Symmetrical Jazz
04. Nightmares On Wax - Stars
05. La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound
06. MF Outa National - Miles Out Of Time
07. RPM - The Inside
08. Autechre - Lowride
09. Olde Scottish - Wildstyle

Disc 2

01. DJ Shadow - Lost & Found
02. Skull - Destroy All Monsters
03. Deflon Sallahr - Don't Fake It
04. RPM - 2000
05. Palm Skin Productions - Slipper Suite
06. UNKLE - The Time Has Come
07. Howie B. - Gun Fight At The O.K. Corrall
08. Tranquility Bass - They Came In Peace
09. DJ Shadow - In-Flux (Alternative Interlude '93 Remix)