Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia - 2007

Posted By: jazzydevil
Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Indie | CD | MP3 | VBR ~280 | 97.6Mb

In the Midnight Juggernauts' Dystopia constellation, a line can be traced from the modern symphony of M83 and Air, all the way back to the electronic psychedelia of CAN and the pop smarts of ELO. John Carpenter is in the director's chair, Georgio Moroder's compiling the soundtrack, and Goblin is screaming from the shadows. Throughout its 13 tracks Dystopia lays a common thread of vigilant optimism, although it's a mood often shrouded with a dark and sinister disposition. The relentless stomp of techno-meets-disco singles 'Road To Recovery', 'Shadows' and '45 And Rising' have already scored the band airplay on triple j and independent radio Australia wide, while further into the stratosphere they've found themselves pounced on by BBC1 and MTV2 UKEurope, the latter marking them as "artists we're tipping for the top in 2007". The formula is tweaked with glittering results on album tracks like 'Into The Galaxy', 'Twenty Thousand Leagues' and 'Nine Lives', while introspective departures (such as the title track or album closer 'Aurora') or abrasive moments ('Intro' and 'Scorpius') display a luscious and darker side to Midnight Juggernauts' exterior.


1. Intro
2. Ending Of An Era
3. Into The Galaxy
4. Shadows
5. Worlds Converged
6. Dystopia
7. Road To Recovery
8. Scorpius
9. Twenty Thousand Leagues
10. Tombstone
11. Nine Lives
12. So Many Frequencies
13. Aurora