Linda Leida - Con Sabor A Montuno (1991)

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Linda Leida - Con Sabor A Montuno  (1991)

Linda Leida - Con Sabor A Montuno 1991
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SAR Productions 1991

One of those rarities in salsa, a woman singer, Linda Leida began her solo career in the mid-'70s with Aqui Esta Linda on TR Records, followed by Electricando Linda on TR in 1978 produced by Tito Puente, whose band she performed with for a brief period. "Tito always went through a period, every once in a while, where he would have a thing for having a female singing in the band. Most of the things that we performed with her were older arrangements to which Héctor Rivera had added saxophone parts," reveals Puente's former musical director José Madera, whose currently musical director of the Latin Giants of Jazz.
Born in Villas, Cuba, earlier in her career she sang lead vocals on the track "Afro Cha" (composed by Lou Pérez) on Willie Rosario's third album Latin Jazz Go Go Go (1964 on BMC and reissued on Neliz in 1998). Con Sabor A Montuno was Linda's third outing and the fifth release on the new SAR label co-founded in 1979 by Sergio Bofill, boss of the premier 10th Avenue Latin record distributor GB Records, Adriano García and Roberto Torres, who produced the album. Torres assembled a classic two-trumpet conjunto lineup for the date featuring trumpeters Chocolate and Lionel Sánchez, Papaíto (1925-2000) on bongo, Victor Trías on tres guitar and the legendary Lino Frías (d April 1983, NYC) on piano. Lino, who was also a composer and arranger, had retired from La Sonora Matancera in 1977 because of arthritis after 35 years with the great Cuban musical institution and this was probably his final recording session. Papaíto was a serving member of La Sonora Matancera at the time of the recording, having first worked with them in 1960. Befitting SAR's house style of stretching out Cuban son montunos, guajiras and guaguancos with plenty of space for soloing, the six selections on Con Sabor A Montuno include the classic son montunos "La Alegría Del Montuno" and "Oye Como Suena" by Pío Leiva (known as "El Montunero de Cuba"), and "Anita" by Compay Segundo and Lorenzo Hierrezuelo. Lino contributes exquisite solos to "La Alegría Del Montuno" "A Comer Chicharrón" and "Ay! Que Tiene El".
Linda made a further three albums, Linda Leida '80 on SAR, Linda Leida 1982 on Sacodis and Linda Leida y La Bahia '84 on Caimán, before she met an untimely end when she was murdered in the late 1980s.
01. La Alegria Del Montuno
02. A Comer Chicharron
03. Anita
04. El Guaguanco Y El Son
05. Oye Como Suena
06. Ay! Que Tiene El