Lee Clayton - Naked Child

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Lee Clayton - Naked Child

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Country/Rock | 1 cd | 192 Kbps mp3 | incl Covers | 52 MB

Track listing
1. Saturday Night Special (3:14)
2. I Ride Alone (5:16)
3. 10000 Years Sexual Moon (6:24)
4. Wind and Rain (2:42)
5. I Love You (5:07)
6. Jaded Virgin (4:16)
7. A Little Cocaine (5:26)
8. If I Can Do (So Can You) (4:44)

I Ride alone, from his third album, " Naked Child", released in 1979. US country rock singer Lee Clayton flew Voodoo fighters in the US Airforce in the mid to late sixties. He began writing music whilst still in the airforce, and when he left the service, both Waylon Jennings and Tom Rush expressed an interest in and recorded a few of his songs. He released his first album, on MCA Records, in 1973, but it wasn't as successful as he would have liked and he was left virtually destitute, although he came back quite strongly in the latter part of the seventies, releasing a number of really good albums, one of them being "Naked Child". As far as we know, he's still around today.

Lee Clayton - Naked Child