Rodrigo Leao - O Mondo (1993-2006) - 2006

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Rodrigo Leao - O Mondo (1993-2006) - 2006

Rodrigo Leao - O Mondo (1993-2006)
Genre: Latin, Ethnic | 2CD | MP3 | VBR ~200kbps | 128Mb

It is not easy to pinpoint the beginning of Rodrigo Leão's career. Perhaps it all started almost twenty years ago, when three childhood friends decided to enter one of the many modern music competitions taking place at that time. The unlikely trio did not win the competition (the actual winners remain unheard of today), but the event marks the first performance of one of the most important Portuguese bands - Sétima Legião. And then came Madredeus. Rodrigo Leão found the ideal partner in Pedro Ayres for a shared dream, and together they developed the now renowned group. The rest, as they say, is history… In 1989 Rodrigo Leão created what could be considered his first solo work - the soundtrack to the film by Manuel Mozos Um passo, outro passo e depois…. This was the first sign of his wish to play solo and make music for himself. Four years later came Rodrigo Leão's first big project: The album Ave Mundi Luminar was released in 1993 under the name Rodrigo Leão & Vox Ensemble.

1. rua da atalaia
2. voltar
3. a espera de sofia
4. solitude
5. noche
6. tardes de bolonha
7. pasion
8. a cidade queimada
9. rosa
10. a janela
11. a casa
12. memorias
13. lonely carousel
14. la fete
15. carpe diem
16. amatorius
17. alma mater
18. ave mundi
19. a espera
20. final
21. imortal
22. o exercicio
23. ruinas
24. ascensao
25. a tragedia
26. vita brevis
27. o novo mundo