Love De-Luxe - Here Comes That Sound

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Love De-Luxe - Here Comes That Sound

genre disco | 1979 | 33 1/3 RPM Vinyl LP | mp3 VBR avg 210 kbps | 47 MB | 34:43 min

The full name for Love De-Luxe is Love Deluxe with Alan Hawkshaw's Discophonia. Their 1979 LP for Warner unleashed the Disco classic "Here Comes That Sound Again." It appeared as a 12" Disco single, but in an abbreviated edit so the album featured here is the only way to get the full 16+ minute version. It's head and shoulders above the 12" because you get to hear it the way that Hawkshaw had envisioned.

Side A
1. Here Comes That Sound Again
Side B
1. When We're Dancin'
2. I Got That Feelin'
3. Let me Make It Up To You

and here are the covers and labels: