Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

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Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

Laurie Anderson - Discography (7 Albums)
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Laurie Anderson is an American experimental performance artist and musician. Anderson - violinist, composer, singer, sculptor, poet, and leader in the use of multimedia in the arts - is renowned as one of the most eclectic and groundbreaking performers in the world. The space agency chose Anderson as its artist in residence for 2003. Musically, she has collaborated with Brian Eno, Lou Reed, and Peter Gabriel. Her two most popular albums are "Strange Angels" and "Big Science."

After briefly entering the mainstream pop radar in 1981 with her lone hit "O Superman," Laurie Anderson enjoyed a public visibility greater than virtually any other avant-garde figure of her era. Her infrequent forays into rock aside, Anderson nevertheless remained firmly grounded within the realm of performance art, her ambitious multimedia projects encompassing not only music but also film, mime, visual projections, dance, and – most importantly – spoken and written language, the cornerstone of all of her work.

The Albums :
1982-Big Science
1984-Mister Heartbreak
1986-Home Of The Brave
1989-Strange Angels
1994-Bright Red
1995-Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories
2001-Life on a String

1982-Big Science
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

1. From The Air
2. Big Science
3. Sweaters
4. Walking & Falling
5. Born, Never Asked
6. O Superman (For Massenet)
7. Example #22
8. Let X=X
9. It Tango

1984-Mister Heartbreak
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

1. Sharkey's Day
2. Langue D'Amour
3. Gravity's Angel
4. Kokoku
5. Excellent Birds
6. Blue Lagoon
7. Sharkey's Night

1986-Home Of The Brave
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

01-Smoke Rings
02-White Lilly
03-Late Show
04-Talk Normal
05-Language Is A Virus
07-Sharkey's Night
08-Credit Racket

1989-Strange Angels
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

1. Strange Angels
2. Monkey's Paw
3. Coolsville
4. Ramon
5. Babydoll
6. Beautiful Red
7. The Day The Devil
8. The Dream Before
9. My Eyes
10. Hiawatha

1994-Bright Red
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

1. Speechless
2. Bright Red
3. The Puppet Motel
4. Speak My Language
5. World Without End
6. Freefall
7. Muddy River
8. Beautiful Pea Green Boat
9. Love Among The Sailors
10. Poison
11. In Our Sleep
12. Night In Baghdad
13. Tightrope
14. Same Time Tomorrow

1995-Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

01-The End Of The World
02-The Salesman
03-The Night Flight From Houston
04-Word Of Mouth
05-The Soul Is A Bird
06-The Oujia Board
07-The Ugly One With The Jewels
08-The Geographic North Pole
09-John Lilly
10-The Rotowhirl
11-On The Way To Jerusalem
12-The Hollywood Stranger
13-Maria Teresa Teresa Maria
14-Someone Else's Dream
15-White Lily
16-The Mysterious -J-
17-The Cultural Ambassador
18-Same Time Tomorrow

2001-Life on a String
Laurie Anderson - 7 Albums

1. One White Whale
2. The Island Where I Come From
3. Pieces And Parts
4. Here With You
5. Slip Away
6. My Compensation
7. Dark Angel
8. Broken
9. Washington Street
10. Statue Of Liberty
11. One Beautiful Evening
12. Life On A String

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