Kwabena Nyama - Sunday Monday (2001)

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Kwabena Nyama - Sunday Monday   (2001)

Kwabena Nyama - Sunday Monday
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On Ghana: musique de vin de palme Nyama plays a rugged, rural form of palm wine music, the so called Akan-blues with lyrics rich in proverbs from the Akan culture. The singer and guitarist is primarily accompanied by percussion and voices.
01. In The Car
02. Sunday Monday
03. Mabre Me Ho
04. Frafra Song
05. Okunin Nusu
06. Momo Yensom Nyankopong
07. Mahamadu
08. Agoo
09. Mame Buabi Menna
10. Moa Moce Drabin Onye
11. Daakwafo Maa
12. Okunumun
13. Owu Yeya