Kunaicho Gakubu - Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku

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Kunaicho Gakubu - Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku

Kunaicho Gakubu - Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku
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This is an album of traditional Japanese gagaku music, with the full traditional ensemble. The album contains works of all of the major categories of gagaku, kangen (solely instrumental), bugaku samai (dances of the Left-Chinese origin), and bugaku umai (dances of the Right-Korean origin). Also included is "Azuma Asobi," a song of native Japanese origin. The music is performed by Kunaicho Gakubu, which is the Music Department of the Imperial Household Agency, the Imperial court musicians, who all have a relatively large amount of experience under their belts. The music is representative of all gagaku music, with the sho's (mouth organs) placing a quasi-melody under the music, and the hichiriki (oboes) providing a somber melody. The music of gagaku is nearly always given in an almost otherworldly way, and this is no exception. There are other recordings of gagaku out there, but this one is relatively similar to all of them. Lyrichord's album of the Kyoto Imperial Court Orchestra may be the best recording for those new to the sound, as it reprises both the ritualistic side of the music as well as the artistic side, but this one isn't bad either.

1. Etenraku: Hyojo Netori
2. Etenraku: Etenraku
3. Kishunraku: Oshikicho Choshi
4. Kishunraku: Kishunraku No Jo
5. Kishunraku: Kishunraku No Ha
6. Seigaiha: Banshikicho Netori
7. Seigaiha: Seigaiha
8. Kitoku: Koma Ichikotsucho Konetori
9. Kitoku: Kitoku No Ha
10. Kitoku: Kitoku No Kyu
11. Azuma Asobi: Motomeko No Utadashi
12. Azuma Asobi: Motomeko No Uta