The Knack - Get The Knack (1979)

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The Knack - Get The Knack (1979)

The Knack - Get The Knack
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Rock. New Wave / Power-Pop

Get the Knack is the debut album by The Knack, released in June 1979. The album went platinum (one million units sold) in just two months and spent five weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The lead single from the album, "My Sharona", was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks and #1 on Billboard's Top Pop Singles of 1979 year end chart.
The album was recorded in two weeks (April '79) at a cost of just $18,000 and became an instant success, thanks in part to an intense promotional campaign by Capitol Records. The Knack's image was largely influenced by The Beatles. The album cover imitates The Beatles' first Capitol LP Meet the Beatles and the back cover photo depicts a scene from The Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night.

The Knack - Get The Knack (1979)

The Knack attempted to update the Beatles sound for the new wave era on their debut – a good idea that was well executed, but critics cried "foul" when millions sold after Capitol's pre-release hype (it went gold in 13 days and eventually sold five million copies, making it one of the most successful debuts in history). Get the Knack is at once sleazy, sexist, hook-filled, and endlessly catchy – above all, it's a guilty pleasure and an exercise in simple fun.

01. Let Me Out
02. Your Number Or Your Name
03. Oh Tara
04. (She's So) Selfish
05. Maybe Tonight
06. Good Girls Don't
07. My Sharona
08. Heartbeat
09. Siamese Twins (The Monkey And Me)
10. Lucinda
11. That's What The Little Girls Do
12. Frustrated

Produced by Mike Chapman

• Doug Fieger – vocals, rhythm guitar
• Berton Averre – lead guitar
• Prescott Niles – bass
• Bruce Gary – drums

Original Released: June 1979
CD-Released: "Octoder 25" 1990
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog No.: C2-91848

The Knack - Get The Knack (1979)