King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul... Please [2007 RETAIL]

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King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul... Please [2007 RETAIL]

King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul… Please [2007 RETAIL]
13 tracks | MP3 VBR 210 kbps (av.) | RAR 85Mb

Another elaborate story from the King, surrounding an eerie house, where a child was murdered (and now wanders for eternity in blood-splattered dress, looking for souls to reap. Hence the title). Takes a while for the plot to get going, at least musically. The latter third containing the more vicious attacks. ‘The Black Of Night’ is the first full-bore double bass-driven number, then comes the traditional, old school metal title track. Throughout, even on the slower cuts, there’s plenty of guitar soloing from Andy LaRoque and Mike Wead. Don’t worry, ‘Cold As Ice’ isn’t a Foreigner cover – it’s about a room of frozen stiffs. Coincidence, or none-too-veiled reference? The harpsichord-begun ‘Shapes Of Black’ hints at former King/Mercyful Fate song/album titles (including Them, Spider’s Lullabye, ‘The Candle’, Time, ‘The Mirror’ and In The Shadows, amongst others). The disc finishes with ‘Moving On’, an uncharacteristic synth ballad duet (which eventually picks up speed). All the King’s voices/pitches are showcased, as well as the occasional female accompaniment.


1 The Dead
2 Never Ending Hill
3 Is Anybody Here?
4 Black Of Night
5 Mirror Mirror
6 The Cellar
7 Pictures In Red
8 Give Me Your Soul
9 The Floating Head
10 Cold As Ice
11 Shapes of Black
12 The Girl In The Bloody Dress
13 Moving On

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