Paul Bley - Live In Haarlem (1966) [Reissue 1999]

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Paul Bley - Live In Haarlem (1966) [Reissue 1999]
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Paul Bley Trio - Paul Bley (p); Mark Levinson (b); Barry Altschul (dr). Recorded live at "Hildebrandzzal", Haarlem, NL, 4.11.1966.
The most relevant stages in Paul Bley’s musical works were however his trio formations. The bassists Steve Swallow, Eddie Gomez, Kent Carter or Mark Levinson and the drummers Pete LaRoca, Barry Altschul or Paul Motian played with him. This live recording at a concert in Haarlem, Holland is a good example at the "mastery" at a Paul Bley trio.


01. Blood 18:40
02. Mister Joy 23:52

Total: 42:32

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Paul Bley / Live In Haarlem

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Codec: FLAC

Paul Bley was born in Montreal, Canada, his parents were Betty Marcovitch, an immigrant from Romania, and Joe Bley, owner of an embroidery factory. Bley has been a long-time resident of the United States. His music characteristically features strong senses both of melodic voicing and space.

In the 1950s he founded the Jazz Workshop in Montreal, performing and recording there with Charlie Parker. He also performed with Lester Young and Ben Webster at that time.

In 1953 he conducted for Charles Mingus on the Charles Mingus and his Orchestra album and the same year Mingus produced the Introducing Paul Bley album with Mingus and Art Blakey. In 1960 Bley recorded on piano with the Charles Mingus Group.

In 1958, he hired Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins to play at the Hillcrest Club in California.

In the early 1960s he was part of the Jimmy Giuffre 3, a clarinet, piano and bass trio with bassist Steve Swallow. The quiet understatement of this music makes it possible to overlook its degree of innovation. As well as a repertoire introducing compositions by his ex-wife Carla Bley, the group's music moved towards free improvisation based on close empathy.

During the same period Bley was touring and recording with Sonny Rollins, which culminated with the RCA Victor album, Sonny Meets Hawk! with Coleman Hawkins.

In 1964 Bley was instrumental in the formation of the Jazz Composers Guild - a co-operative organisation which brought together many free jazz musicians in New York: Roswell Rudd, Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, his ex-wife Carla Bley, Michael Mantler, Sun Ra, among others. The guild organized weekly concerts and created a forum for the "jazz revolution" of 1964.

Bley had long been interested in expanding the palette of his music using unconventional sounds (such as playing directly on the piano-strings). It was therefore consistent that he took an interest in new electronic possibilities appearing in the late 1960s. He pioneered the use of Moog synthesizers, performing with them before a live audience for the first time at Philharmonic Hall in New York City on Dec. 26, 1969.[4]

This led into a period of the "Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show", a group where he worked with songwriter Annette Peacock, including Improvisie, a French release of two extended improvisiational tracks with Paul on melodic electric piano and modulated synthesizer supporting Annette Peacock's remarkable tonal experiments singing through what sounds to be a Maestro (Tom Oberheim designed) Ring Modulator, with percussion by Dutch free jazz drummer Han Bennink.

Subsequently Bley returned to a predominant focus on the piano itself.

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