Buddy Rich Big Band - Live at Ronnie Scott's (1980)

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Buddy Rich Big Band - Live at Ronnie Scott's (1980)
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Genre: Jazz / Big Band | Label: DRG | Catalogue No: 91427

I was at Ronnie Scotts when this was recorded live in London, England on March 21 & 22, 1980.In fact I was sitting about 8 feet away from the stage - It was and still is one of the best concerts I have ever heard.The total wall of sound was mind blowing.This is indeed a treasured CD that reminds me of a great night everytime I play it.

Buddy Rich (drums); Steve Marcus (soprano & tenor saxophones); Andy Fusco, Jack Leibowitz (alto saxophone); Kenny Hitchcock (tenor saxophone); Bob Mintzer (baritone saxophone); Bob Coassin, Simo Salimen, Bob Doll, Mike Plumleigh (trumpet); Roger Homefield, Glenn Franke (trombone); Pete Beltran (bass trombone); Ernie Vantrease (piano); Wayne Pedziwiatr (bass).


1. Beulah Witch
2. Grand Concourse
3. Blues A La 88 (Ernie's Blues)
4. Saturday Night
5. Slow Funk
6. Good News

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Buddy Rich Big Band / Live at Ronnie Scott's

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Posted By: bhupihupi Date: 30 Mar 2011 02:19:22
I love me some buddy rich...Thanks!!
Posted By: musician3 Date: 30 Mar 2011 12:20:53
Great Thank You
Posted By: grafassi Date: 30 Mar 2011 12:34:03
Are those your words, PC, about being at Ronnie Scott's? I saw Buddy in a little town in northwest Arkansas; I think it was in like a high school gym. Thanks for more Rich.
Posted By: PCWhizzkid Date: 30 Mar 2011 18:41:53
Yes I was actually there on the 2nd night of recording - will never forget it

Managed to see

Buddy Rich 3 times

Maynard Ferguson twice

Woody herman only once
Posted By: Tonebender Date: 30 Mar 2011 21:59:33
Thanks very muchly for this...looking forward to it :D
Posted By: hugson Date: 30 Mar 2011 23:48:44
I was also there for the same concert and was initially seated in the front row nearest the drummer! A different group played in the 1st half (can't remember who) and the percussion was so loud I that I asked to move back a bit and was lucky enough to get 2 seats about 6 rows back. My hearing thanks God that I didn't have to remain in that front row! Can you still hear anything?

I saw Buddy 3 times (a fantastic concert at the Northsea Jazz Festival in Holland, a very dull performace in the Festival Hall in London, and this concert at Ronnie Scott's). And my favourite of all is Oscar Peterson, whom I saw around a dozen times.
Posted By: PCWhizzkid Date: 31 Mar 2011 00:01:28
LOL.yes it was a bit loud ( I think my left ear is still numb )- although not as loud as the Maynard Concert @ the same venue

I also think Buddy did a rather lack lustre performance in Wales ( must have been around '86 / '87 )I think the venue put him in a bad mood to start with.Although Steve Marcus on Tenor was on absolute fire. ( as always )
Posted By: klakadak Date: 12 Sep 2011 02:35:42
This is the one I was looking for! Thank you very much!