Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater (2000)

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Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater (2000)

Ghetto Tango: Wartime Yiddish Theater - Adrienne Cooper, Zalmen Mlotek
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In the Jewish ghettos of Poland and Lithuania during World War II, a world of dislocation, terror and death, cabaret music thrived. Jewish audiences gathered in makeshift clubs and theaters to hear newly-created Yiddish songs, rooted in Jewish folk and liturgical music as well as European operetta, American ragtime and Argentine tango. Jewish performers tuned these cosmopolitan songs in a local key satirical and elegiac, political and personal, angry and heartsick. Together they created something rare, scarcely conceivable art at the edge of the abyss.

Adrienne Cooper, one of the world’s most acclaimed singers of Yiddish vocal music, and Zalmen Mlotek, a leading figure in Yiddish musical theater, here present ghetto songs collected during and after the war

1. Moyshe halt zikh 2. Coolies 3.Mues 4.Mazl/On a heym 5. Makh tsu di eygelekh 6. Peshe fun Reshe 7. Yisrolik 8. Moorsoldaten 9.Vayl ikh bin a yidele 10.Fun der arbet 11.Nit kayn rozhinkes 12.Ver klapt es 13.Friling 14.Song of the Nazi Soldier's Wife 15.Amerike hot erklert 16.Yid du partizaner 17.Minutn fun bitokhn 18.The Bar Mitzve Speech

Adrienne Cooper Vocals, Liner Notes, Translation Jerry Bezdikian Graphic Design Cynthia Rogers Text Editor Zalmen Mlotek Piano, Vocals, Piano Arrangement Hsi-Ling Chang Editing, Mastering Cooper Main Performer Vincent Caro Engineer Harold G. Hagopian Producer

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