VA - African Pearls Series (2008-2010)

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VA - African Pearls Series (2008-2010)
MP3 AVG 192-256 kbps | 9 Albums | ~1,47 GB | Covers
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: Syllart Records

Syllart is a French record label that has put a series called African Pearls. On this show we play music from four CDs of this series, featuring music from Guinea, Mali, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of the music is from the 1970's. Syllart is an awesome label, and this series is excellent, so check em out on the net! This show features music by Amadou N'Diaye, Orchestra Baobab, Bombenga et Vox Africa, Empire Bakuba, Quintete Sextete, Super Boiro Band, Les Ambassadeurs du Hotel de Bamako, L'Orchestre National A du Mali.



African Pearls: CONGO/RUMBA ON THE RIVER 1954-67 (2006)
MP3 AVG 195 kbps | 44 Tracks | ~182Mb | Covers | 12 Oct 2006
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

Congolese music is like the heartbeat of the African continent. The twin capitals of Kinshasa and Brazzaville on the banks of the River Congo supply the international music scene with a non-stop flow of creativity.

Rejuvenated by four generations of artists, Congolese music has remained true to the spirit of its founders. These two volumes devoted to second generation groups like African Jazz, OK Jazz, Rock A Mambo, African Fiesta, Bantous de la Capitale, and Festival Maquisard are an invitation to discover, or enjoy again, a music that is anchored in the history and culture of its people, but that has lost none of its freshness over the years.

01. Musica Tellema Ok Jazz franco 1957
02. Ambiance Kalle Catho African Jazz Grand Kalle 1954
03. Maria Valente Rock A Mambo Dewayon 1958
04. Parafifi African Jazz Grand Kalle 1957
05. Kumbele Kumbele Bantous De La Capitale Casino 1964
06. Alliance Mode Succes Ok Jazz Dewayon 1958
07. Miwela Miwela African Jazz Grand Kalle 1957
08. Aya La Mode Ok Jazz franco 1957
09. Pesa Le Tout African Jazz Tabu Ley 1962
10 Tokumisa Congo Bantous De La Capitale Bantous De La Capitale 1965
11 Si Tu Bois Beaucoup Ok Jazz Isaac Pedro 1962
12 Independance Cha Cha African Jazz Grand Kalle 1960
13 Kelya African Jazz Tabu Ley 1959
14 Biantondi Kasanda African fiesta Nico 1965
15 Table Ronde African Jazz Grand Kalle 1959
16 Rochereau Pascal African fiesta Tabu Ley 1965
17 Le Temps Passe Ok Jazz franco 1963
18 Bomonaki Yo African Jazz Grand Kalle 1959
19 K J African Jazz Tabu Ley 1961
20 Mama Ngai Habanera African Jazz Grand Kalle 1959
21 Permission African fiesta Tabu Ley 1964

01. La Vida Africa African Jazz Grand Kalle 1963
02. Groupo Ok Jazz Ok Jazz franco 1959
03. Paquita African fiesta Tabu Ley 1965
04. Bantous Pachanga Bantous De La Capitale Essou 1964
05. Festival Bilombe festival Maquisard Sam Mangwana 1968
06. Cuento Nama Ok Jazz Mujos 1965
07. Matanga Ya Madibo African Jazz Grand Kalle 1963
08. Tabalissimo Tabu Ley Tabu Ley 1965
09. Que Numera El Son Ok Jazz Mujos 1967
10 Bina Ringa African fiesta Tabu Ley 1965
11 Maria Lola African fiesta Tabu Ley 1965
12 El Que Siembra Su Maiz African Jazz Grand Kalle 1961
13 Kayi Kayi African Jazz Nico 1962
14 Miguel Canta Ok Jazz Mujos 1961
15 Camaro African Jazz Kalle 1968
16 Sey Sey African fiesta Tabu Ley 1967
17 Alphonso Ok Jazz franco 1964
18 Jamais Kolonga Tino Baroza Tino Baroza 1959
19 Tour D'afrique African fiesta Nico 1969
20 Bolingo Ya Bouge Ok Jazz Kwamy 1964
21 Calabosso African fiesta Tabu Ley 1965
22 Basi Ya African Jazz Nico 1962
23 Guantanamera African fiesta Tabu Ley 1967



African Pearls: GUINEE/CULTURAL REVOLUTION 57-86 (2006)
MP3 AVG 191 kbps | 20 Tracks | ~173Mb | No Scans | 30 Nov 2006
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

Second in the ‘African Pearls’ series, emanating from the vast vaults of West African music passing through the hands of producer extraordinaire, Ibrahima Sylla.

"Guinean music was in the vanguard of African music…it was the musical beacon of Africa." Words by Maestro Mitoura Traoré, aptly reflecting the importance and influence of the renowned Guinean bands of the 1960s and 70s. Traoré was a trailblazer as the leader of Horoya Band National, one of the first Guinean bands formed after independence. Horoya Band National, as well as other bands such as Balla et ses Balladins, Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis, and Super Boiro Band were forerunners of the “cultural revolution”, whose official objective was to modernise traditional Guinean music and to restore national pride and dignity.

This cultural revolution, like many other radical events in Africa during the 1950s and 60s, found its roots in the fight for independence.

01. Flûte Parlante
02. Kankan Diarabi
03. Souaressi
04. Diere Lele
05. N'Fa
06. Petit Sekou
07. Massani Cissé
08. Djiguinira
09. Wouloukoro
10. Nina

01. Armée Guinéenne
02. Maderi
03. Sassilon
04. So I Si Sa
05. Kogno Koura
06. Nanimbaly
07. Lalaba
08. La Guinée Diara
09. Abdree
10. Wousse



African Pearls: MALI/ONE DAY ON RADIO MALI 65-85 (2006)
MP3 AVG 182 kbps | 20 Tracks | ~176Mb | No Scans | 30 Nov 2006
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

‘African Pearls’, having checked out Congo and Guinée with a 2CD set of each, now looks at the rich powerhouse of Mali.

All starts with the genius of Ibrahima Sylla, a prolific producer of West African music, fêted by Charlie Gillett as ‘The African Phil Spector’

This collection of pearls covers the period 1965-1985, much of this long before the coining of the term World Music, and preceding by over a decade the real discovery by Western audiences of the ‘Mali sound’ and the desert Blues phenomenon.

This great set goes to show that none of this is really new; that the sound was fermenting decades ago, and that the message was already strong – it’s just that the voice did not carry far enough first time round.

01. Ewliijambe - Troupe Folklorique Peulh du Macina
02. Bakary Jan - Banzoumana Sissoko
03. Fama Denke - Nantenedi Kamissoko
04. Miniyamba - Fanta Damba
05. Duga - Sidiki Diabate & Djelimadi Sissoko
06. Laidu - Ensemble Instrumental du Mali
07. Kaïra - Batrou Sekou Kouyaté
08. Ambodejo - Ensemble Instrumental de Mopti
09. Fanta Damba - Fanta Damba
10. Assumukan - Batrou Sekou Kouyaté

CD2 :
01. Assumukan - Les Ambassadeurs Du Motel
02. Bimoko Magnin - Super Djata de Bamako
03. Anjigui Ye Mali Ye - Orchestre Régional de Mopti
04. Tiramakan - National Badema
05. Madi Guindo - Rail Band
06. Sanjina - Orchestre Régional de Kayes
07. Saakoba - Orchestre National A
08. 22 novembre - Orchestre Régional de Gao
09. Kenu Dugu Fanga - Kenestar
10. Bakari Dian - Super Biton de Segou



African Pearls: SENEGAL/THE TERANGA SPIRIT 60-79 (2006)
MP3 AVG 193 kbps | 30 Tracks | ~202Mb | No Scans | 30 Nov 2006
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

Volume 4 in the exceptional and highly acclaimed African Pearls series put together by Ibrahima Sylla the prolific producer of West African music and dubbed the African Phil Spector..…

The Republic of Senegal is located in the westernmost part of Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Guinee-Bissau and Mauritania. During the early stages of independence, Senegalese music took on the form of Rumba and African style Salsa as played by bands such as Ibra Kassé's Star Band, Pape Seck's Negro star,Tropical Jazz, l'Orchestre Baobab, and Labah Sosseh's Super International.

In the mid 70s, Senegalese musicians became aware that it was necessary to give credence to the rhythmical structures and instruments of their homeland thanks to groups like André Lo and Soleya Mama's Wato Sita, the Star Band, Star Number One and Ifang Bondi.

Senegalese music subsequently gained worldwide exposure thanks to artists such as Ismaël Lo, Youssou Ndour, Omar Pene, Thione Seck, Baba Maal, Xalam and Touré Kunda, but that, as they say, is an entirely different story.

This double CD represents the heart, the beauty and the Teranga Spirit of Senegalese music between 1964 and 1979.

CD1 :
01.Mbeuguel – Aminata Fall
02.Boulmamine – Ensemble National Du Sénégal
03.Niani – Amadou N’Diaye Samb
04.Bambo Bodian – Lalo Keba Drame
05.Fall Amadou Abdoulaye – Diabou Seck
06.Tiedo – Ensemble National Du Sénégal
07.Nieti Abdou – Ndiaga Mbaye
08.Listakhar - Ensemble National Du Sénégal
09.Saraba – Samba Diabare Samb
10.Birma Maofal – Ensemble Lyrique Sorano
11.Bandia – Soundioulou Cissokho & Mahawa Kouyate
12.Balingor – Soleyamama et Waato Sita
13.Laagia – Samba Diabare
14.Irando - Ensemble Lyrique Sorano
15.Diegoye – Fa Mbaye Issa Diop
16.Borom Keur – Thione Seck
17.Lamine Gueye – Orchestra Baobab

01.Senegal Sunugal - Orchestra Baobab
02.Jankaake – Star Number One
03.Santa Barbara – Super International Band
04.Nobel - Ouza Diallo
05.Laagia – Ngewel International
06.Saraba – Ifang Bondi
07.Simbonbon – Star Band
08.Aduna Jarui Naawo - Orchestra Baobab
09.Thiely – Star Band
10.Wallou! – Guelewar Band
11.Aminta – Labah Sosseh
12.Waalo – Star Number One
13.Ade – Xalam



African Pearls: CONGO 70: RUMBA ROCK (2008)
MP3 AVG 180 kbps | 23 Tracks | ~150Mb | No Scans | 18 Aug 2008
Genre: World, EThnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

In the 1970’s, Congolese musicians, bandleaders and singers began to break free from the influence of Cuban music. The Congolese sound became pure Rumba Rock, and its powerful rhythm and ringing guitars influenced many other orchestras on the African continent. This was an era of epic competition between the pioneering orchestras of African Jazz or OK Jazz.

This Rumba Rock compilation showcases a time where from both sides of the Congo River, tough musicianship, fierce competition, great singers, and talented bandleaders paved the way for a golden era of Congolese music.

01.Boma l'heure - Franco et OK Jazz
02.Zonga Zonga - Papa Wemba et Viva la Musica
03.Tu m'as décu Chouchou - Dr Nico
04.Tambola Na Mokili -Johnny Bokelo et Conga Success
05.Maria Mboka - Grands Maquisards
06.Sex Madjesi - Trio Madjesi Sosoliso
07.Kamale - Lipua Lipua
08.Fievre Mondo - Zaiko Langa Langa
09.Kamikaze - Franco et OK Jazz
10.Massamba JM - Mando Negro Kwala Kwa
11.Simone - Bombenga et Vox Africa

01.Nazoki- Empire Bakuba
02.Maze - Tabuley Rochereau
03.Makambo Mibale - Bantous de la Capitale
04.Lipua Lipua - Bella Bella
05.Le Bucheron - Franklin Boukaka et Manu Dibango
06.Camarade ya Kinshasa - Dewayon et Co-Bantou
07.Nakomitunaka - Verckys
08.Toko Senga Na Nzambe - Grands Maquisards
09.Nagalula Marthe - Elegance Jazz
10.Azda - Franco et OK Jazz
11.Libangana Libumu - Bavon Marie Marie
12.Beya Moke - Sakade Band



African Pearls: MALI 70: ELECTRIC MALI (2008)
MP3 AVG 191 kbps | 24 Tracks | ~150Mb | No Scans | 04 Dec 2008
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

Syllart continues his journey into African Music of the seventies… After Guinea let’s go to Mali!

Mali Electric is a loving tribute to this unprecedented Malian golden age, a decade of electric experimentations and terrific musical adventures.

In the 70’s Mali is thirsty of musical modernity, listening to James Brown, drinking Coca-Cola and getting away from both its parents and the former colonial power. Less radical in its revolution, Mali always stayed closer to France and the western world than neighbouring Guinea.

Malian music sounds more lyrical and elegiac, sometimes even more solemn than Guinean music. Griots play a significant role in the emergence of Mali’s modern music. They establish the link between the old Mande empire and the new independant state since 1960. Griots become the people voice and the regional orchestras the instruments of a terrific electric revolution. Malian musical modernity lays not in the Mande tradition but in the Bambara language with its pentatonic scales, more hypnotic, dancing and frenzy than malinké’s lyricism.

01.Orchestre Régional de Kayes - Duga
02.Orchestre Régional de Sikasso - Labankan
03.Rail Band - Badialame
04.Bida de la Capitale – Kenuna
05.Super Djata Band - Sosso
06.Kanaga de Mopti - N'do n'do
07.Sid de Kayes - Sèbè tè Moyala
08.Rail Band - Tamadiara
09.Le Super Biton National de Ségou - Saajuru
10.Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako - Mbouram Mousso
11.Rail Band - Nanthan
12.Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou - Wale Tarekk Apolo

01.Idrissa Soumaoro - Djama
02.Le Kene Star de Sikasso - Hodi Hu Yenyan
03.Ciwara Band - Noumou Lakouloumba
04.Orchestre Régional du Mopti - Boro
05.Le Mystère Jazz de Tombouctou - Leli
06.National Badema - Ciro
07.Le Super Biton National de Ségou - Sisèni
08.Super Djata Band - Tiefaly
09.L'Orchestre National « A » du Mali - Janfa
10.Orchestre Régional de Sikasso - Tiebaou
11.National Badema - Guédé
12.Kanaga de Mopti - Kulukutu



MP3 AVG 201 kbps | 26 Tracks | ~180Mb | No Scans | 23 Feb 2009
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records


More than any other countries in West Africa, Senegal was strongly influenced by Cuban music largely played by the ORTS (Radio Sénégal). Widely circulated, this afro-cuban repertoire stands at the bottom of modern Senegalese music.

Links between Dakar and Habana seem natural as evidenced by recordings of orchestras such as Star Band de Dakar or Orchestra Baobab and many bands within this musical constellation. The impact of Star Band is pivotal as well as the monickers « stars » and « étoiles » in the history of modern Senegalese music with bands such as Youssou N’Dour’s Super Etoile, Star Number One…

James Brown’s 1975 Dakar visit sets the country on fire, and opened a new era in music. As a result, Kelen ati leen, a wolof folk tale, shows the Orchestra Baobab’s mighty funk vision driven by Cissoko’s horn arrangements. Released on the wonderful « Visage du Sénégal », part of a serie of five lps released in 1975 thru Buur Records, it evidences a perfect Senegalese groove and stands as Dakar’s ultimate funk statement.

01.Star Number One - Faran Tamba
02.Xalam - Daïda
03.Super Diamono de Dakar - Maaduleen
04.Orchestra Baobab - Nijaay
05.Star Band de Dakar - Guethe
06.Star Number One - Senegal Jambar
07.Guelawar - Relen te Contan
08.Watto Siita -Jambar
09.Star Number One -Suma Dom Ji
10.Etoile de Dakar - Tolou Badou Ndiaye
11.Star Band de Dakar - Gossando
12.Orchestra Baobab - Sey
13.Etoile de Dakar - Footane

01.Orchestra Baobab - Xarit
02.Star Band de Dakar - Senegambia
03.Star Number One - Mory
04.N'Guewel - Xadim
05.Orchestra Baobab - Kelen Ati
06.Ifang Bondi - Xalel Dey Mag
07.Ouza - Sénégal 80
08.Orchestra Baobab - Juana
09.Etoile de Dakar - Hombre Misteriosoy
10.Etoile 2000 - Boubou Ngary
11.Diarama de St Louis - Xaste Waroul
12.Star Number One - Kery Goro
13.Orchestra Baobab - El Carretero



African Pearls: COTE D'IVOIRE: ...CROSSROADS (2009)
MP3 AVG 196 kbps | 33 Tracks | ~189Mb | No Scans | 09 Nov 2009
Genre: World, Ethnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

The new African Pearls, this time from Côte d’Ivoire!

A natural West African crossroads, Ivory Coast has always been at the forefront of African musical trends, be it black American music, Cuban rhythms, French pop, Mandingo lyricism, Ghanese high-life or Congolese fusion.

The seventy-two tribes of the Côte d’Ivoire, each with their dances and music, give the country a strong cultural heritage… and since 1975, much of West-African music fermented in the capital of the Ivory Coast, brewing an exceptional, timeless music.

01 François Lougah : Pecoussa
02 Ernesto Djédjé : Anowah
03 Justin Stanislas : Gbabouho Gnoave
04 Mamadou Doumbia : Super Bebe
05 Aicha Koné : Aminata
06 Reine Pélagie : Biande
07 Jimmy Hyacinthe : Amouin Souba
08 BailLy Spinto: Taxi Signon
09 Ernesto Djédjé: Bliwana
10 Bailly Spinto: Ntelesse
11 Nayanka Bel: I Wassado
12 Alpha Blondy: Brigadier Sabari
13 Ernesto Djédjé: Zibote
14 Doh Albert: Moya
15 Bailly Spinto: Nkenaplesso

01 Anoma Brou Félix : Midemi- Mikobie
02 Grands Colombia : Me Houi Me Tan
03 Djins Music: Exode Rurale
04 Ernesto Djédjé: Zouzoupale
05 Kantadors: Badjamin Mnain
06 Okoi Séka Athanase: Assia Kone Michel
07 Amédée Pierre : Bida Zougou
08 Daouda : Gbakas :
09 Orchestre Bouaké : Donne-moi ton sourire
10 Les Soeurs Comöe : Missi Milai
11 Orchestra Audiorama : Chère Jeannette
12 Fax Clarck : Whisky and Soda
13 Orchestre les Abidjanais : Kognima Kadi
14 Amédée Pierre : Therese Boigny
15 Aicha Koné : Dénikeleni
16 Les Soeurs Comöe : Moi Bio
17 Amédée Pierre : Moussio Moussio
18 Mamadou Doubia : Fanga Mamadou



African Pearls: CONGO: PONT SUR LE CONGO (2010)
MP3 AVg 150 kbps | 22 Tracks | ~174Mb | No Scans | 01 Mar 2010
Genre: World, EThnic & Groove | Label: SYLLART Records

In the late 1940s, the combined influences of jazz and European and Cuban music resonated on both sides of the Congo River. Brazzaville and Leopoldville, now Kinshasa, vibrated with a newfound electric modernity. In 1960, the two Congos, Belgian and French, became independent and forged a common Congolese cultural identity, which first expressed itself through music.

Western productions like American rhythm’n’blues, British rock, and French pop also infiltrated the local musical customs. The natural fluidity of the Lingala language, a common Bantu language used on both banks of the Congo since the 19th century, allowed many artists to reach out to the largest possible number of people, Lingala being mainly an oral language. Kikongo, French and Spanish were also widely used in popular songs.

During the 1960s, both Congos experienced outrageous economic growth, resulting in a pleasure-seeking society. The epic competition between the African Jazz Orchestra and its different off-shoots, such as Dr Nico, Grand Kallé and Tabu Ley, and also between Franco’s OK Jazz Orchestraand Verckys’ productions, stimulated local creativity. Every one of these Congolese orchestras, from the popular to the most obscure, became dance machines.

01.Orchestre Kiam. Kamiki
02.Dewayon. Niama Ya Zamba
03.Grands Maquisards. Jaria
04.Franco & L’Ok Jazz. Koue Koue! Ebony Aboyi Ngaï
05.Dewayon. Tangana
06.Verckys. Mawana Mburu 002
07.Orchestre Lipua Lipua. Losa
08.Trio Madjesi. Photo Ya Madjesi
09.Cepakos. Kouka Badian’teseke
10.Soki Vangu. Menga

01.Empire Bakuba. Kanu
02.Bavon Marie Marie. Ya Limbisa BijouV3.Orchestre Bella Bella. Sola
04.Franklin Boukaka. Natoko
05.Ok Jazz. Regina
06.Tabu Ley. Dialogue
07.Negro Band. Mokili Ekoni Ngana
08.Verckys. Ya Nini
09.Docteur Nico & African Fiesta Sukisa. Canchita
10.Soki Vangu. Pambi Doni
11.Sinza Kotoko. Maloukoula
12.Zaïko Langa Langa. Vie Ya Mosolo



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