Elf - War Pigs'72 (Live In Cortland '72 & Demos)

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Elf - War Pigs'72 (Live In Cortland '72 & Demos)

Elf - War Pigs'72 (Live In Cortland '72 & Demos)
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Blues /Rock'n'Roll / Hard Rock

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The early-'70s rock outfit Elf is best-known as the group that gave singer Ronnie James Dio his start and he would eventually set his sights on a tougher, metallic sound, fronting the likes of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and his own solo band, Dio. The group went through several name changes in the late '60s (the Electric Elves, the Elves), before settling simply on Elf and issuing a self-titled debut recording for Epic in 1972, produced by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover. The group's best-known lineup consisted of Dio (who was at this time going by his real name, Ronald Padavona, and also doubling on bass), guitarist David Feinstein, guitarist/keyboardist Micky Lee Soule, and drummer Gary Driscoll. The album went largely unnoticed, as did the group's subsequent two other releases, L.A./59 (issued under the title Carolina Country Ball outside of the U.S.) and Trying to Burn the Sun, as the group guested on Roger Glover's 1974 album The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast. Through their affiliation with Glover, Elf was brought to the attention of former Purple leader/guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who invited the entire group (sans their guitarist) to join forces as the prog metal outfit Rainbow, resulting in the release of a self-titled effort in 1975. Slowly but surely, however, Rainbow turned out to be nothing more than a solo vehicle for Blackmore rather than a true band and the former Elf members left the group one by one before Dio was the last one remaining until eventually leaving the group himself in 1978.

Elf - War Pigs'72 (Live In Cortland '72 & Demos)

This was recorded in early 1972, shortly after the band dropped the name "The Elves" and became "Elf", and not long before recording the first album. The sound quality is amazing, a lot of covers as well as unreleased material, and what's more : Ronnie James Dio covering "War Pigs" more than 7 years before joining Back Sabbath!!!


CD 1
1. Wake Up Sunshine (studio demo)
2. Smile For Me Lady (studio demo)
3. Rosemary (studio demo)
4. You Felt he Same Way (studio demo)
5. Driftin' (studio demo)
6. Saturday Night
7. Crosseyed Mary
8. Stay With Me
9. Little Queenie / Johnny B Good Whole Lotta Shakin'
10.Did You Ever
11.Cold Ramona
12.Black Dog
13.Lura Lura
14.Four Day Creep

CD 2
1. Give Me A Chance
2. Nameless Instrumental
3. Aqualung
4. Drown Me In The River
5. Simple Man
6. Teenage Wasterland
7. Pisces Apple Lady
8. Dirty Dollar Bill
9. Buckingham Blues
10. So Long
11.You Shook Me / Rock's Boogie
12.War Pigs

LINEAGE : MASTER REEL > CDR for the live tracks, unknown low gen for the demos

Ronnie James Dio - vocals / bass
Gary Driscoll - Drums / Percussion
Dave "Rock" Feinstein - Guitar
Mickey Lee Soule - Keyboard

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