Martin Schüttler: "Pelze & Restposten" ("Furs and Remainders") (2010)

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Martin Schüttler: "Pelze & Restposten" ("Furs and Remainders") (2010)
avant-garde, classical | Unknown Rip, FLAC, tracks, no cue, no log, covers | 262 MB RS
Wergo WER6575 | Recorded 2008-2009, Released 10/05/2010 | Time 00:52:04

"To me the composer’s role is to comment on the things that surround us in the here and now", says composer Martin Schüttler (b. 1974) who lives in Berlin. What surrounds us in the here and now is the reality of the street, normal life, things outside the box of our private universe, things we stumble across every day.
Dirt, garbage, trash, grunge, low-tech, junk, kitsch, scrap: all of this, the profanest of the profane, finds room in and provides material for Schüttler’s music, his steely, angular compositions, which are not without their gentle, mild, dulcet, almost suave moments. Puzzlement. Disruption. An attempt to explain and enlighten.
"Pelze & Restposten" ("Furs and Remainders") is the title Schüttler chose to give to his first portrait CD. It is a dialectical word-game on luxury items and mass commodities, on value and worthlessness, on quality and quantity, not without a touch of self-deflation. His CD presents compositions from 1998 to 2009.

1. Extraction 1
2. Linked trips for instrumental ensemble
3. "Pity is the scourge of humanity, sheriff" for 4-channel tape and boom box
4. Eye picture music for accordion and tape
5. Extraction 2
6. taped & low-bit for prepared countertenor and modular synthesizer
7. Extraction 3
8. Greed for oboe, percussion, piano, double bass and live electronics

Donatienne Michel-Dansac, soprano
James Wood, direction
Eva Zöllner, accordéon
Daniel Gloger, contreténor
Sebastien Berweck, synthétiseur
Suono mobile
Christof M. Löser, direction

MD5: 610261CE5631D82F376D1C2543A25891

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