Liszt Complete Music for Solo Piano (95 CD box), Howard

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Liszt Complete Music for Solo Piano (95 CD box), Howard
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Label: Hyperion | Genre: Classical

The complete music for solo piano of Liszt. All Liszt's versions of his piano music were included, including more than 300 world premieres, and many other pieces unheard since Liszt's lifetime, and also all arrangements of other composers’ work. Four discs were given to Liszt's seventeen works for piano and orchestra, about half of which were première recordings made from unpublished manuscripts. The series ran to 94 full-length CDs, and has earned Howard a place in the Guinness Book Of Records.

Leslie Howard AM (born 29 April 1948) is an Australian pianist and composer. He is best known for being the first and only pianist to record the total piano output of Franz Liszt, including the world premiere recordings of over 300 of Liszt's works. However, his activities go far beyond this project. He has been described by The Guardian as "a master of a tradition of pianism in serious danger of dying out".

Complete Liszt Piano vol.22 CD1
1 Symphony No.1,S464-1-Adagio molto-Allegro con brio
2 Symphony No.1,S464-1-Andante cantabile con moto
3 Symphony No.1,S464-1-Menuetto,allegro molto e vivace-Trio-Menuetto da capo
4 Symphony No.1,S464-1-Adagio-Allegro molto e vivace
5 Symphony No.3,S464-3-Allegro con brio
6 Symphony No.3,S464-3-Marcia funebre,adagio assai [2nd ver]
7 Symphony No.3,S464-3-Scherzo,allegro vivace-Trio-Scherzo
8 Symphony No.3,S464-3-Finale,allegro molto-Poco andante-Presto

Complete Liszt Piano vol.22 CD2
1 Symphony No.2,S464-2-Adagio molto-Allegro con brio
2 Symphony No.2,S464-2-Larghetto
3 Symphony No.2,S464-2-Scherzo,allegro-Trio-Scherzo da capo
4 Symphony No.2,S464-2-Allegro Molto
5 Symphony No.4,S464-4-Adagio-Allegro vivace
6 Symphony No.4,S464-4-Adagio
7 Symphony No.4,S464-4-Menuetto,allegro vivace-Trio,un poco meno allegro-Tempo 1-Un poco menu Allegro-Tempo 1
8 Symphony No.4,S464-4-Allegro ma non troppo

Complete Liszt Piano vol.22 CD3
1 Symphony No.5,S464-5-Allegro con brio
2 Symphony No.5,S464-5-Andante con moto [Piu mosso-Tempo 1]
3 Symphony No.5,S464-5-Scherzo [Trio-Scherzo]
4 Symphony No.5,S464-5-Allegro-Tempo1 [Scherzo]-Allegro-Presto
5 Symphony No.6,S464-6-Erwachen heiter Empfindungen bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande-Allegro ma non troppo
6 Symphony No.6,S464-6-Szene am Bach-Andante molto moto
7 Symphony No.6,S464-6-Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute-Allegro-Allegro-Da capo [tutto]-Tempo 1
8 Symphony No.6,S464-6-Donner-Sturm-Allegro
9 Symphony No.6,S464-6-Hirtengesang-Frohe,dankbare Gefuhle nach dem Sturm-Allegretto

Complete Liszt Piano vol.22 CD4

1 Symphony No.7,S464-7-Poco sostenuto-Vivace
2 Symphony No.7,S464-7-Allegretto
3 Symphony No.7,S464-7-Presto-Assai meno presto-Da capo [tutto]-Presto-Assai meno presto-Presto
4 Symphony No.7,S464-7-Allegro con brio
5 Symphony No.8,S464-8-Allegro vivace e con brio
6 Symphony No.8,S464-8-Allegretto scherzando
7 Symphony No.8,S464-8-Tempo di menuetto [Trio-Menuetto]
8 Symphony No.8,S464-8-Allegro vivace

Complete Liszt Piano vol.22 CD5
1 Symphony No.9,S464-9-Allegro ma non troppo,un poco maestoso
2 Symphony No.9,S464-9-Molto vivace-Presto-Da capo tutto-Coda-Presto
3 Symphony No.9,S464-9-Adagio molto e cantabile-Andante moderato-Tempo 1-Andante moderato-Adagio
4 Symphony No.9,S464-9-"An die Freude"

Complete Liszt Piano vol.23
1 Harold in Italy,S472-Harold aux Montagnes-Scenes de melancolie-De bonheur et de joie [Adagio-Allegro]
2 Harold in Italy,S472-Marche de pelerins-Chantant la priere du soir [Allegretto]
3 Harold in Italy,S472-Serenade-D’Un montagnard des Abruzzes a sa maitresse [Allegro assai-Allegretto]
4 Harold in Italy,S472-Orgie de brigands-Souvenirs des scenes precedentes [Allegro frenetico]
5 Romance Oubliee,S132 [Original version for piano & viola]
6 Hymne a Sainte Cecile,S491 [Gounod]
7 Le Moine,S416 [Meyerbeer]
8 Festmarsch zu Schillers 100 jahriger Geburtsfeier,S549 [Meyerbeer]

Complete Liszt Piano vol.24 CD1
1 Beethoven Septett in Eb Op.20,S465-Adagio-Allegro con brio
2 Beethoven Septett in Eb Op.20,S465-Adagio cantabile
3 Beethoven Septett in Eb Op.20,S465-Tempo di menuetto
4 Beethoven Septett in Eb Op.20,S465-Andante con variazioni
5 Beethoven Septett in Eb Op.20,S465-Scherzo-Allegro molto e vivace-Trio-Scherzo da capo
6 Beethoven Septett in Eb Op.20,S465-Andante con moto alla marcia-Presto
7 2 Transcriptions on Mozarts Reqiuem [KV 626],S550-Confutatis maledictus
8 2 Transcriptions on Mozarts Reqiuem [KV 626],S550-Lacrimosa
9 Ave verum corpus de Mozart [KV 618],S461a
10 Agnus Dei della Messa da Requiem di Giuseppe Verdi,S437
11 2 Transcriptions after Rossini,S553-Air du Stabat Mater No.2
12 2 Transcriptions after Rossini,S553-La Charite [3 choeurs religiuex,No.3]

Complete Liszt Piano vol.24 CD2
1 Aus "Die Sieben Todsunden" [Goldschmidt],S490-Liebesszene
2 Aus "Die Sieben Todsunden" [Goldschmidt],S490-Fortunas Kugel
3 Aus Mendelssohn Op.50,S548-Wasserfahrt
4 Aus Mendelssohn Op.50,S548-Der Jager Abschied
5 Schlummerlied mit Arabesken [Weber J285],S454
6 Leyer & Schwert-Heroide [Weber J169],S452-Introduction
7 Leyer & Schwert-Heroide [Weber J169],S452-Schwertlied
8 Leyer & Schwert-Heroide [Weber J169],S452-Gebet [vor der Sclacht]
9 Leyer & Schwert-Heroide [Weber J169],S452-Lutzows wilde Jagd
10 Grosses Septett in Dm Op.74 [Hummel],S493-Allegro con spirito
11 Grosses Septett in Dm Op.74 [Hummel],S493-Menuetto o Scherzo-Allegro-Alternivo
12 Grosses Septett in Dm Op.74 [Hummel],S493-Andante con Variazioni
13 Grosses Septett in Dm Op.74 [Hummel],S493-Finale-Vivace

Credits to Enemy_23 for Providing materials


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Thank you!
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when I tried to unzip vol 4 it states that part 4 is missing...but I can not find part 4 for this vol...anybody had the same problem?
Posted By: soloweb Date: 09 Jan 2009 14:26:43
Volume 4 has only 3 parts !
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Great Collection........But with many many many ERRORS
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Yes, great collection . BUT you people are very ungrateful . these CDs lasted 8 months for me to download from a torrent site. and I, kindly have diminished this time for you by uploading it in RS and sending you the links. but you are snarling constantly for some minor ERRORS . this box costs more than tens, hundreds dollar, Why are you complaining if you can afford buying?!
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Thank you for your efforts Soloweb, but I didn't know that it was downloaded from torrents. I thought that it was you who were ripping them so I thought it would be nice somehow not to have those damaged ape files. And you are right that if someone wants to have quality disks then he should buy them.
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Vol 24 CD1 tracks 1 and 5 are interrupted in means
Posted By: cyclop2 Date: 20 Jan 2009 08:05:56
If anyone have problems with this downloads,
got it from the original site
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Vol 21-30: http://rapidshare.com/users/TEJWBC