Boston - Greatest Hits (1997) [lossless]

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Boston - Greatest Hits (1997) [lossless]

Boston - Greatest Hits (1997)
Genre: Rock | 1997 | Label: Sony | FLAC; 549 Mb | mp3 (CBR 320kbps); 203 Mb | 1:15:34

Boston was kicking booty in the 1970s and 80s, and if you were young then you
were listening to their powerful guitar work and wonderful melodies. Boston hit
the scene in 1975 with their first album, and they became one of the more
influential bands. This, their greatest hits album, was released in 1997, and
features some of their very best work.

Overall, I must say that I love this album! Except for the first two–Tell
Me and Higher Power–these songs really take me back to the warm sunny days
of my youth. It sure is easy to see how Boston has influenced the development
of modern Rock, and for the better. I love this CD, and give it my highest

1. Tell Me
2. Higher Power
3. More Than A Feeling
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Don't Look Back
6. Cool The Engines
7. Livin' For You
8. Feelin' Satisfied
9. Party
10. Foreplay/Long Time
11. Amanda
12. Rock & Roll Band
13. Smokin'
14. A Man I'll Never Be
15. The Star Spangled Banner/4th Of July Reprise
16. Higher Power (Kalodner Edit)

enjoy the music

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