Blue States - First Steps Into - 2007

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Blue States - First Steps Into
Indie, Downtempo | CD | Mp3 | VBR ~ 201 | 68.8Mb

Blue States accidentally established themselves at the forefront of the burgeoning wave of downtempo acts way back in 1998. Using his multi-instrumental talents, Andy Dragazis blended Guitars, Bass, Drums, Fender Rhodes, Bouzuki, the Hammond Organ and anything that sounded good when it was hit. And the 12"s kept coming, including the classics 'Your Girl', and 'Walkabout', all becoming rare and sought after collectors items.

1. Allies
2. First Steps' Last Stand
3. Holding Ground
4. The Electric Compliment
5. Gaining Time
6. 100's And 1000's
7. Look To Your Laurels
8. Down The Days
9. Red And Shine
10. What Can Be Done To Right A Wrong
11. Distant Shores
12. Writing Home
13. Last Of Old England