The Beach Boys - Sunflower + Surf's Up [24-bit Digitally Remastering]

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The Beach Boys - Sunflower + Surf's Up [24-bit Digitally Remastering]

The Beach Boys - Sunflower + Surf's Up
WV+CUE+LOG+Covers or mp3 CBR 320 | 70:52 min | 453 or 162 MB
Original Year: 1970 + 1971 / Capitol Records 2000

Mike Love has worn down the Beach Boys' cars-and-surf sound into empty exercises in nostalgia while Brian Wilson based his reputation among the rock intelligentsia almost entirely upon PET SOUNDS and the unreleased SMILE. Nevertheless, there are many Beach Boys cultists who feel that SUNFLOWER and SURF'S UP are the band's finest work. Released in 1970 and '71 as the first products of their new Brother Records deal with Warner Brothers, whose commercial and artistic expectations were much different than the group had experienced at Capitol, these are relaxed, confident records with a progressive, experimental edge. While there's some missteps – Love's "Student Demonstration Time" is possibly the band's worst song ever – the high points are exquisite. Bruce Johnston's "Disney Girls", Carl Wilson's "Don't Go Near the Water", and Brian's "Til I Die", "Cool Cool Water" and the astonishing SMILE outtake "Surf's Up" are among the band's very finest songs.

After anthologizing the Beach Boys' creative peak with several reissues during the '90s, Capitol turned its attention to the '70s recordings by acquiring the rights to the group's LPs for Warner/Reprise. The first fruits of this campaign arrived (after several long delays) in mid-2000, comprising a single disc with 1970's Sunflower and the following year's Surf's Up. It's a perfect place to begin, too, considering they were certainly the Beach Boys' best albums of the '70s. Sunflower especially is a beautiful work, stocked with excellent harmonies and the best songs the group had written since Pet Sounds; British critics and fans even deemed it a worthy successor. And for listeners more interested in the aborted Smile than Pet Sounds, Surf's Up is an eccentric work that displays the group's increasingly fractured genius. Even aside from the music, pairing Sunflower and Surf's Up provides a fascinating glimpse of a band in search of its identity after several years of commercial shutouts and dwindling critical interest. On Sunflower, the Beach Boys merged their fondness for sun and sand with a growing sense of their own maturity; the cover photo even features the group lounging in a park, playing with their children. Less than a year later, however, that hope for the future is not just replaced but completely obliterated for Surf's Up, as social/environmental paranoia and fatalistic resignation compete for attention on a set of skewed pop songs. These radically different struggles for attention during the early '70s – whether to reprise the surf-and-sun sound or become a quintessentially '70s "aware" band, whether to ascend the mountain of Brian Wilson's heavenly production sense or surrender to his growing melancholia – make for two dozen compelling tracks. It surely wouldn't have been quite as compelling if the music hadn't been able to match – at least to a degree – the fascinating midlife crisis going on in America's pop band.

~ John Bush, all media guide

01. Slip On Through
02. This Whole World
03. Add Some Music To Your Day
04. Got To Know The Woman
05. Deirdre
06. It's About Time
07. Tears In The Morning
08. All I Wanna Do
09. Forever
10. Our Sweet Love
11. At My Window
12. Cool, Cool Water
13. Don't Go Near The Water
14. Long Promised Road
15. Take A Load Off Your Feet
16. Disney Girls (1957)
17. Student Demonstration Time
18. Feel Flows
19. Lookin' At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song)
20. A Day In The Life Of A Tree
21. 'Til I Die
22. Surf's Up

Originally released on Brother/Reprise Records
Reissue producers: Cheryl Pawelski, Paul Atkinson
Digitally remastered by Andrew Sandoval & Dan Hersch (DigiPrep)

Original Release Date: August 1970 | August 1971
Re-Release Date: July 18, 2000
Format: Original Recording Remastered
Label: Brother Records / Capitol Records
Catalog No.: 25692-2

The Beach Boys - Sunflower + Surf's Up [24-bit Digitally Remastering]