Thurisaz - The Pulse Of Mourning (2015)

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Thurisaz - The Pulse Of Mourning (2015)

Thurisaz - The Pulse Of Mourning (2015)
Belgium | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 158 MB
Atmospheric Death/Black Metal | Label : Sleaszy Rider Records

When the core of a band stays together since the beginning, the quality and structure of their music stays greatly unchanged and constantly improves, this is the case for Belgium’s premier Atmospheric Death/Black/Doom outfit Thurisaz. Having caught our attention since their magnificent debut “Scent of a Dream” back in 2004, the band has been taking their time to release albums, but every time the wait is completely worth it. With “The Pulse of Mourning” the band further refines their signature sound and delivers nine brilliantly melancholic songs.

Tracklist :

1. Longing…
2. …for a Change
3. Patterns of Life
4. Rays of Light
5. Tangram
6. One Final Step
7. Enslaved Dreams
8. In All Remembrance
9. Stargaze

Total playing time 44:09

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