Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

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Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)
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After a lot of successful albums, especially the last three ones, and a big long tour, the US combo Kamelot releases finally its first official DVD. With two discs, this DVD is composed of a concert recorded in Oslo Norway (the land of Kamelot's singer) plus a second disc with bonus like video clips, diary, gallery etc… (Note also that you can find this DVD with two CDs which are actually the live recording of the concert). No need to wait a bit more to say that this DVD is a must for the fans of the band even if I have to regret some little things… We will talk about it later…

"One Cold Winter's Night" is a great DVD. First, the concert was recorded in a really nice venue of Oslo, which was evidently full to welcome this popular US combo. The set list is composed of all the great songs of the band, "Forever" of course, but also songs like "Centre Of The Universe" or "The March Of Mephysto" to give some few names. As always with Kamelot, some guest singers and musicians (Simone Simons, Sacha Paeth, but no Shagrath…) were there to add some interactivity to the concert and well I must admit that the performance of the band was extremely convincing this night.

With a great quality of recording, the video is perfect, the show is not boring at all and the different angles that the producers chose to use are all really good. This is a good concert which is never long and since that the band chose to put all its "artillery" for this night (theatrical stuff, a lot of guest, great stage etc) it's really pleasant to watch this DVD, but a bit too perfect…

The "perfection" of this DVD is my main problem. Of course, I will not blame the fact that the video is perfect, of course not, but what about the sound? It's perfect too, without anything bad… And it's a bit strange… First we don't really hear the crow and that's a bit sad for a live recording plus, I didn't have the feeling that it was a "hot" ambiance when the images tend to show that it was really big… Also, the sound of the instruments, like the voice of Khan is perfect and it doesn't look so "real"… I'm maybe wrong but it seems that we had a big production work after the show and sadly that's a bit "too much" for me.

"One Cold Winter's Night" is a great DVD despite the little problem that you know now. The fact that the DVD is perfect is not really problematic of course but well, it doesn't give the feeling of a real live performance, that's weird. On the other hand it was a great show and the bonus are good so if you like Power Metal or just like Kamelot, this is a must. Don't miss it, Christmas is coming it could be a nice present for you…

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The Concert DVD that you would spin repeatedly!

The whole last week my playlist was totally varied, ranging from Genesis (old albums); Allakhazaam "Re-kode" - an Indonesian great rock band with a style of music combining Porcupine Tree and Evanescence or, as my friend Rizal thought is something like Green Carnation; Lamb of God "Sacrament", Vantasma - a newly born Indonesian neo prog band that soon will be featured at this site; Killswitch Engage "As Daylight Dies" and some Led Zeppelin albums. Why Genesis? Because last Wednesday (20 December) my colleagues who are graduated from ITB (Bandung, Institute of Technology) conducted a Tribute to Genesis with full performance by the band where the members comprise of graduates of ITB. I took vocal jobs for four songs including "Squonk" and "In The Cage". It was a great success as the Front Row Cafй was full house, all tickets were sold out. For me personally, it was a night full with joy because I have waited 35 years to sing Genesis song on stage! Yeah!

And why Led Zeppelin? It's because last Thursday (21 December) i-Rock! (Indonesian rock organization where I have involved quite a lot) presented a Tribute to Led Zeppelin music at Mario's Place where I was the program host. Ouch, my rock schedule was really tight! And yesterday (22 December) my preorder of Kamelot DVD arrived at my address. I spun it last night, right away and I repeated the pin twice because it amazed me really! This DVD really stopped my other playlist and I cannot wait any longer to pen a long review about this DVD. Well, as a matter of personal experience, the first time I listened to "Forever" (of "Karma" album) it blew me away at first listen and in fact I had a night dream to watch the band "live" where I sing along together with the band when they play "Forever". So when I knew that Kamelot is planning to launch this DVD I did pre-order through Amazon and finally I got it!

Disc One : The Concert

"This is a moment of belief. This is a moment made of dreams. You found me here today. On the coldest winter night"

Disc One was recorded on February 11th 2006 at the historic Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway with sold out tickets. Kamelot perform their best show with the best efforts possible, with special guest appearances and real keyboard player - Oliver Palotai. The four original members of the band: Thomas Youngblood (guitar), Khan (vocals), Glenn Barry (bass), and Casey Grillo (drums) all perform their best. It's a very entertaining show and especially if you love the kind of symphonic power metal music, I'm sure that you would enjoy the show in its entirely - like what I experience watching this great DVD!

The show starts with an Intro where there is a beautiful lady dressed in all white costume dances on stage. What follows is a sound of Casey Grillo's hi-hat followed with full blast of power metal music with symphonic touch of The Black Halo - a title track of the band's last album. Wow! What an impressive first experience! Finally, I can see the band on stage! There are couple of things that impress me at first sight. First, I can smell great live vibes because the band's performance is energetic while the crowd represents true metal crowd: long hair and constant head-banging; almost all of them using black colored metal t-shirt with Kamelot name printed on it. Oh there are many lady metal heads as well. They all rock the hall. It's a fantastic experience! At first sight, I was impressed with great drum style by Casey Grillo. He's one of the best metal drummers, I believe. His drum stool is equipped with a laptop screen indicating how serious he is for the show. Thomas Youngblood at left wing (crowd's view) of the stage plays his guitar while head-banging, and Glenn Barry at right wing of the stage. Keyboard is located closer to drum set. Khan sings at front using all black costume. The backdrop is a simple Kamelot logo. From the description I mention, you might not say that the stage is not something spectacular. Yes, you bet! But for me, it's not the stage that matters, the band's performance is truly great!

Soul Society starts with a siren sound combined with crowd's scream. It's totally a great live vibes! This song has a beautiful and memorable riffs overlaid by powerful voice of Khan. Casey Grillo demonstrates his dynamic drums, Glenn Barry performs great bass lines. The angle shot for Casey is nice and it indicates the dynamic of his style. Thomas Youngblood performs his guitar solo as it is required as the studio version. Oliver keeps head-banging while doing his excellent keyboard work. This makes the show is so dynamic. At the end of this song Khan starts doing communications with the crowd.

The Edge of Paradise starts with bass guitar solo and Thomas communication with the crowd. The crowd is getting hotter and the scream is getting louder. Thomas and Glenn changes their position from right to left and left to right while performing their duties. The symphonic textures are given by Oliver in an excellent way. The song includes male choir line which provides great break for the band's music.

The show continues seamlessly with Center of The Universe of "Epica" album, with symphonic opening of the music combined with the crowd scream. It makes the show really lively and very entertaining. The string section is handled beautifully by Oliver. Khan sings with his full power backed up by three ladies at right wing of the stage. During music break where Khan performs his singing, the piano solo with classical nuance provides nice sounds. At the end of the break Mari Youngblood performs as Helena and sings together with Khan. She's dressed in all white costume. It's a very nice part!

Khan performs his communication, again, with the crowd and what follows is really a great thing: Casey Grillo solo drums combined with eastern sounds of violin that remark the intro of the band's excellent song Nights of Arabia. Oh my God . let me tell you . this song is much much better being performed live than the original studio version in "The Fourth Legacy" album. Casey's opening solo really helps elevate the show. Oliver piano work is also excellent. The song itself is really great especially with its eastern nuance and heavy music riffs. In the middle of the song there is a lady singer dressed in Arabian costume with all black color. Oh, she is Elisabeth Kjaernes. It's a nice outfit!

Abandoned begins beautifully with a classical piano intro and female chanting / singing by Mari Youngblood followed with low register notes and powerful voice of Khan. It's a sad and dark intro with nice piano work and string section. This song does not seem like a power metal music. Even when Mari continues the singing right after Khan, the music seems like a symphonic one with great guitar riffs and piano work. It's really a beautifully crafted composition, performed perfectly by the band.

Right after Abandoned, Khan says "We're gonna continue with a song . that was based on a pop song ..composed by ..the song . you'll know for a while" and Thomas guitar solo explains everything . oh yeszzz!!! It's definitely my best favorite track from Kamelot: Forever!!! The crowd really scream knowing that Forever is going to be played. This song is so special for me. Combined with its predecessor in Karma album: "Regalis Apertura" I used to use it as opening the program whenever i-Rock! presents a rock event. And here . yes I'm seeing how great the band performs this wonderful and very uplifting song - beat-wise - live on stage! I almost cannot believe what I see. It's so energetic, so fantastic and it's totally splendid! Speechless!!! What I do like about this part is that the band makes some improvisation inserting the part where Khan communicates interactively with the crowd. Oh . what a great live vibes of metalheads!

After the wonderful performance of Forever, Oliver performs his keyboard solo excellently. The Haunting continues the show with great duets on vocal by Khan and Simone Simons as Marguerite. The show is getting hotter and the crowd is getting crazier especially during the sudden break of the song. Simone performs impressive head-banging during music interlude with heavy music riffs.

On Moonlight Khan demonstrates his virtuosity in handling vocal job from low register notes to the high one with practically no problem at all. The song has a symphonic texture which makes the sounds are colossal in nature. Khan inserts some communication during music interlude with the sparks light on. Sascha Paeth the man, whom with Miro, has produced many power metal band with strong symphonic touch performs guitar rhythm and solo at this track.

Khan then says "You guys still with me?" and the crowd reply "Yeeeaaaahhh .!". The music is much uplifting with the performance of When The Lights Are Down because it's heavier in terms of riffs as well as speed. The intertwined keyboard solo and guitar solo in the middle of the track is performed wonderfully by Olive and Thomas. It's so energetic. Well, I like when the camera shoots one of the crowd with a lady tattooed at her cheek - what a metalhead she must be!

"From an album Karma . this song is about vanity, about beauty, about growing old, about evil . this song is called Elizabeth!" says Khan followed with a melodic combination of keyboard and guitar fills. "Mirror can you tell me how to stay forever young?" Khan says in his powerful voice while there is a lady (Elizabeth Bathory) is sitting in front of a mirror - projecting herself as Elizabeth. The opening part is truly a symphonic music and it's typically like a neo progressive style. Well, this song is very strong in composition and the band performs perfectly with virtually no defect at all. Karma is the best album - for me - from Kamelot, so I could not mention any bad track from this album, including Elizabeth. It's a great track. In Karma album review at this site, I wrote: This epic is really wonderful as it has a tight structure and memorable melody. It should be enjoyed in its entirety.. Performed live, this one is much more uplifting!

The Encore

It kicks off with a video clip of March of Mephisto followed with band performance. Khan uses long coat and sing in front of a lady dressed in white gown. His voice is even more powerful. Grillo plays his drums like crazy - moving his body dynamically. Khan stage act fits with what is required by the song - theatrical in nature. The backdrop turns out to be a stage with Mephisto plays his act at the backdrop stage.

Karma is another favorite of mine and it seems like the crowd also familiar with this tune because they know when Khan says it and the music starts to blast. "Who will trade his karma for my kingdom?" as Khan sings while the camera shoots a lady in the crowd who sings along with the band. Thomas moves upfront when he does short guitar solo. Oliver continues with his head-banging.

Finally Casey is given a chance to perform his solo drumming. He does an excellent acrobatic drumming. All members then come back on stage after drum solo, performing Farewell. "I must say you farewell leaving to my destiny .".

Disc One is definitely very satisfactory with virtually no mistake at all.

Disc Two: Bonus Section

Quite honest with you, I have spun Disc Two jut once and some with skimming, but I have spun Disc One three times. Disc Two contains Journey Within: Halo Vision, Upclose interview (Thomas Youngblood, Casey Grillo, Oliver Palotai), Simone Simons. Khan also explains about the making of Black Halo and commenting about Black Halo tour. Quite interesting when Oliver says that when he was asked to play keyboard for The Black Halo Tour he did not know much about the band and he had only ten days to catch up. There is part also about questions from fans. Thomas was inspired by Michael Schenker and Brian May. Disc Two also contains video clips.


With a long review like the above, I have not much to say to conclude. My overall conclusion is that that this is a great DVD. My views might be bias because I love the group very much. This is like you ask me to review any album of Marillion - Fish era. And this DVD deserves five stars rating. Very highly recommended. Keep on proggin' ..!

~ progarchives
Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007):

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Tracklist DVD1:

01. Intro: Un Assassinio Molto Silenzioso
02. The Black Halo
03. Soul Society
04. The Edge Of Paradise
05. Center Of The Universe
06. Nights Of Arabia
07. Abandoned
08. Forever
09. Keyboard Solo
10. The Haunting
11. Moonlight
12. When The Lights Are Down
13. Elizabeth
14. March Of Mephisto
15. Karma
16. Drum Solo
17. Farewell
18. Curtain Call/Outro

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Tracklist DVD2:

01. Journey Within
1 - HaloVision With Khan
2 - Up Close with Thomas Youngblood at home
3 - Casey Grillo at drum
4 - Up Close Interview with Casey Grillo at home
5 - Up Close with Oliver Palotai
6 - Interview with Simone Simons
02. Videos
1 - The Haunting
2 - March Of Mephisto
3 - March Of Mephisto [uncensored version]
4 - Serenade
5 - March Of Mephisto [Live at Sweden Rock 2006]
6 - Making of "The Haunting"
03. Miscellaneous
1 - Photo Gallery
2 - Band Member Biographies and Top 5's
3 - Discography

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (2007)

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