XXXenophile Adult Graphic Novel Collection Volumes 1-6 Complete

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XXXenophile Adult Graphic Novel Collection Volumes 1-6 Complete
Eng | RS & MU | CBZ | XXXenophile Books | B & W | 1989-1998; 2000 | 141 MB Total

XXXenophile is an American adult comic book series, published by Palliard Press and later Studio Foglio. The comic is structured as an anthology of whimsical erotic fantasy and science fiction stories written and penciled by Phil Foglio; each story is inked by a different artist (in black and white), including among many others Matt Howarth, William Messner-Loebs, Frank Kelly Freas, Kevin Eastman, and Bob Eggleton.

The comic was originally published in ten comic books, at which time the contents were collected into five graphic novel compilations published by XXXenophile Books. Each graphic novel also added a new story (generally a second look at characters from an earlier story such as the superhero Orgasm Lass and her four-armed male sidekick Foreplay). These new stories were compiled separately in a final, eleventh issue of the comic book; in 2000 a sixth graphic novel (with an all-new story) has been published.

For more about XXXenophile, read the Wikipedia article.

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