André Previn /LSO - Holst: The Planets (1974) 24-Bit/96-kHz Vinyl Rip

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André Previn /LSO - Holst: The Planets
Vinyl Rip in 24-Bit/96-kHz | FLAC tracks | Full Scan Covers | MU, RS | 517 MB 3% recovery
1974 | Genre: Classical | Label: Angel | SS-1-45000 45 RPM | US pressing 1979

Recorded in 1973, this is widely considered one of the great Planets. Previn is outstanding here; he's not going after effects, he's making all the pieces fit together.
Early in 1914, Gustav Holst told a friend: "As a rule I only study things that suggest music to me...Recently the character of each planet suggested lots to me". This marked the beginning of the composition of his biggest orchestral work, a suite of seven movements. The first to be sketched was Mars - prophetically, for the First World War began just as he completed it. The order of the composition of the remainder was Venus and Jupiter in the autumn of 1914, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune during 1915 and Mercury in 1916. The orchestration of the complete work was also finished in 1916.
Recorded by EMI at London's Kingsway Hall, 1973, and released as EMI ASD-3002 in 1974, it entered into Harry Pearson's TAS list in "Special Merit". The Angel 45 RPM Sonic-Series was released in the USA in 1979, pressed at Wakefield Manufacturing, Phoenix, and marketed by Capitol for audiophile segment.

London Symphony Orchestra conducted by André Previn

Track Listing:

1. Holst: The Planets - Mars the bringer of War, Venus the bringer of Peace
2. Holst: The Planets - Mercury the winged Messenger, Jupiter the bringer of Jollity

Technical Info
Turntable: Roksan Radius III
Tonearm: Audioquest PT-9
Cartridge: Ortofon X5-MC (Moving Coil)
Phono Cable: Van den Hul D-502 Hybrid
Pre-amplifier: Counterpoint SA 5.1 (vacuum tube Sovtek 6922)
Interconnect: balanced, Belden 1813A cable with Neutrik XLR connectors
Analog to Digital Converter: EMU 1212M (configured for balanced input +4dBu, 0 dB Gain)
Capture software: Goldwave 5.52
Post processing: ClickRepair, setting: 15, reverse, wavelet x3

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