Harry Belafonte - At Carnegie Hall (1959) 24-Bit/96-kHz Vinyl Rip

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Harry Belafonte - At Carnegie Hall
Vinyl Rip in 24-Bit/96-kHz | FLAC tracks | no cue | no log | Covers | MU, FF, RS | 1.88 GB 3% recovery
1959 | Genre: Pop Vocal | Label: RCA | LSO-6006 | US pressing, double LP | Vinyl: EX
RCA original pressing, not reissue

The granddaddy of all live albums, this double-LP set captures the excitement of a Harry Belafonte concert at the height of his popularity. Sampled from two consecutive performances of identical material, Belafonte at Carnegie Hall was an anomaly at a time when only comedy albums were recorded outside of the studio environment. It wasn't the first live album ever made, but it was certainly the first to be a major financial and artistic success. It stayed on the best-selling album charts for over three years, and remained in print until RCA discontinued pressing LPs.
From the opening trumpet fanfare and brief orchestral overture to the epic 12-minute version of "Matilda" (which set a standard for audience participation), the album never lets up. It is exciting, poignant, thrilling, intimate, and at times, spontaneously hilarious. Belafonte's mastery in front of an audience was never better displayed than here, a mastery that has resulted in him becoming one of the most popular concert draws in history. Producer Bob Bollard and orchestra leader Bob Corman deftly integrated the 47-piece orchestra into the performance but knew when to lay back to let Belafonte sing, accompanied by a small combo of two guitars, bass, and percussion. The concert is divided in three sections: "Moods of the American Negro," "In the Caribbean," and "Around the World." All the hits are here: "Day O," "Jamaica Farewell," "Mama Look A Boo Boo," and others, plus calypso, folk songs, chain gang songs, spirituals, and songs from other lands, representing a veritable best-of package of his first decade with RCA Victor. For sheer scope and genius of performance, this is the quintessential Belafonte package.
{ Cary Ginell - All Music Guide }

This album was recorded on April 19 and April 20, 1959. And it won Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) in 1960 for the recording engineer, Robert Simpson.

Track Listing:

Act I - Moods of the American Negro
A1. Introduction & Darlin' Cora
A2. Sylvie
A3. Cotton Fields
A4. John Henry
A5. Take My Mother Home
B1. The Marching Saints

ACT II - In the Caribbean
B2. Day O
B3. Jamaica Farewell
B4. Man Piaba
B5. All My Trials
C1. Mama Look a Boo Boo
C2. Come Back Liza
C3. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

ACT III - Round The World
C4. Hava Nageela
C5. Danny Boy
C6. Merci Bon Dieu
D1. Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma
D2. Shenandoah
D3. Matilda

NOTE: Some scuff noise may be present on the first few second of each side due to stubborn grime which resist deep-cleaning. Well, the vinyl is over 40 years old.

Technical Info
Turntable: Roksan Radius III
Tonearm: Audioquest PT-9
Cartridge: Ortofon X5-MC (Moving Coil)
Phono Cable: Van den Hul D-502 Hybrid
Pre-amplifier: Counterpoint SA 5.1 (vacuum tube Sovtek 6922)
Interconnect: balanced, Belden 1813A cable with Neutrik XLR connectors
Analog to Digital Converter: EMU 1212M (configured for balanced input +4dBu, 0 dB Gain)
Capture software: Goldwave 5.52
Post processing: none.
Ripping policy: I always rip good condition vinyl so that the amount of click/pop will be almost none

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Posted By: infernale81 Date: 19 Jul 2010 08:49:11

Wow! A real gem. Thanks for the rip.

Kind regards
Posted By: wersollsschonsein Date: 19 Jul 2010 09:58:32
Cheers from Ireland.
Posted By: vila Date: 19 Jul 2010 10:27:19
Замечательный концерт!
У Гарри Белафонте есть потрясающий альбом "HARRY BELAFONTE - SINGS THE BLUES (1958)", где бы его найти!
Posted By: SuperFuzz Date: 20 Jul 2010 03:03:13
You can tell by the label that this is a reissue (late 70s I believe). The original would have "Living Stereo" across the bottom of the label, with the dog and phonograph at 12 o'clock, and a deep groove. I'm not knocking this pressing, it may sound great or even better than the original, I'm just a stickler for details. :)
Posted By: nettz Date: 20 Jul 2010 14:39:49
It is a re-print, not re-issue. Printed by RCA around 70s era, therefore it was over 40 years old.
A re-print is vinyls issued by the original label from original master unless stated otherwise.
Classic Records re-issued this album around 2005. This is a re-issue which printed by different label from the original, and may be remastered. Re-issuing usually happen whenever the original label does not print the album anymore (out-of-print), then some other label purchase the license to print (which may include the permission to use original artwork).
Posted By: slokopdeborrel Date: 25 Jul 2010 19:40:10
Thanks, Nettz! I never heard of this great album before. The high fidelity makes the applauding audience sound like I'm among them.
Posted By: kobaha Date: 29 Jul 2010 01:14:03
thanks you to much.
Posted By: eslipak Date: 20 Jun 2011 03:35:16
Dear Sir: Im sorry for bother you, but im unable to play any of the FLAC files. After download from both Megaupload and Rapidshare, im still unable to play the songs. On every Flac file (from both sources, MU and RS), only few seconds are reproduced, and then the player aborts (Windows Media Player 11, Media Player Classic, Gom Player).No other Flac file (from other sources) have any problem. I was very happy to found your post. This album belongs to the memories of my most extreme childhood. There is any chance to get the album posted again?. If not, what player must be used to listen?. i'm sorry again, but im very interested in this great album
SOLVED: While writing this, started a search for FLAC specific player. I have found foobar2000 audio player from Peter Pawlowski. Whether is or not Flac specific, it reproduces all the files whitout problem.
Maybe will help other people
Now im listening the songs. GREAT...INCREDIBLE SOUND...THANKS