The Beatles - Hey Jude (Original US Vinyl Release) - 24bit 96kHz

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The Beatles - Hey Jude
Vinyl rip in 24-bit/96kHz | Flac | no cue or log (vinyl) | No Artwork | 721 Mb
Megaupload | Rock | 1970

Artist: The Beatles
Album: Hey Jude
Year: 1970
Label: Apple
Cat#: SW-385
Resolution: 24bit 96kHz
Format: Flac (8)

Side one
01. Can't Buy Me Love
02. I Should Have Known Better
03. Paperback Writer
04. Rain
05. Lady Madonna
06. Revolution


Side two
07. Hey Jude
08. Old Brown Shoe
09. Don't Let Me Down
10. The Ballad of John and Yoko


My Rig

Pioneer PL-707
Dynaco PAS 3x (modified)
M-Audio Delta 24/96
Soundforge 8.0

tube says: I don't think I've seen a 24/96 copy of this album. And an odd album it is. Basically some singles that weren't on regular LPs except some were in the US? If you down this I'd appreciate it if you let me know about my high frequencies. They seem a bit 'hot' to me but as long as they don't distort, I can live with them. Thanks!


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The link is only side 2. Can you please post side 1. Thank You.
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@ marktherob2001: look again!
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congrats! hopefully you didn't have to submit this too many times before it passed muster...

sounds nice to me. no excessive treble.
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thank you very much, this is very cool....magnific!!!
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Will check this out.Always up for some 24/96 Beatles.I remember you from Groovyfab.Always shared great stuff.Thanks for this one.
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Great Job!!!! Thank you for sharing.
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Nice clean record. I heard absolutely no distortion. Thanks for this classic of music history!
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