Joomla Template RocketTheme Nexus 1.5.4

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Joomla Template RocketTheme Nexus 1.5.4

Joomla 1.5 Template RocketTheme Nexus 1.5.4 | 14 MB

Nexus is the August 2009 release from RocketTheme. Its primary focus is that of style control, allowing for quick, simple and wide reaching changes of the theme's styling with a few template parameter toggles. Also sporting a recoded layout, perfectly catered for search engine optimisation.

Implement of custom, non-standard fonts using CSS is another key feature of Nexus.


* SEF Optimised Layout
* K2 Component Styling
* Custom Fonts
* Style Control
* Complex Typography
* RT Extension Styling
* javascript Form Styling
* Fusion Menu & SplitMenu
* 10 Preset Styles
* 35 Module Positions
* FF3.5, Opera 9.6, Safari 4, IE6,7,8 Compatible
* W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS 3 Valid

Fusion Menu

Fusion is effectively a dropdown menu which combines the former RokMoomenu and Suckerfish systems into one, offering both a javascript enhanced and basic, simple dropdown modes. The menu itself is built on the rewritten core of the latest revision of RokNavMenu, the core application behind all RocketTheme menus.

Fusion offers a series of new abilities ranging from Menu Icons, Subtext support and much greater controls over the Multiple Column ability for dropdowns.

Search Engine Optimised Layout

The structure places the main content before the side columns in the code hierarchy which is beneficial for SEO purposes as your primary content is crawled first by the search engines such as Google.


Updated to work with the latest versions of RokNavMenu
Updated to work with the latest versions of RokAjaxSearch
Various tweaks and fixes for IE6
Search result page layout tweaks
Fixed category/section image not appearing
Added CSS for category/section image and description
Fixed collapsing error with author/icons in blog view
Fixed missing menu name parameter
Removed mod_syndicate overrides
Fixed error when module menu type is active
Fixed broken formatter in nexus-splitmenu override
Fixed bug in fusion mode that caused roknavemenu exporter to not work
Added variables for better roknavmenu exporter performance
Added support for Extended Link in RokNavMenu override
Fixed show_date conditional collapsing the top bar
Updated K2 overrides and styling for compatibility with K2 2.0 final release
Fixes for compatibility with the latest version of RokNavMenu
Minor fixes for missing configuration options
Fixes for missing predefined module positions
Initial Release



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