Kasha for A3 - Poser

Posted By: Alexpal
Kasha for A3 - Poser

Kasha for A3 - Poser | 23,7 Mb

Cute as a button and sweet as can be A welcome addition to any Runtime - it's Kasha for A3!

* Custom Character for Aiko
o Kasha INJ&REM
o Mat files to apply Kasha default textures
o 6 Mat files to apply Kasha Makeup textures
o 3 mat files to apply Kasha eye textures
* Textures
o 1 body texture (2000x2000)
o 1 Default head texture
o 6 Makeup textures
o 3 Eye textures
o 1 Teeth & Gum texture
o 1 Eyelash Transparency