Galitsin Photo Collection CD 1

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Galitsin Photo Collection CD 1
1200x878 | 580 Mb

Grigori Galitsin is one of the most famous Russian erotic photographers. His name became a brand in the photographers' soft-erotic world long ago. Galitsin distinguishes miraculous efficiency that together with professional modern gear let him conquer all the heights of art.
Unsurpassed mastery doesn't allow going beyond the shooting of fascinating models only in the studio but also makes him find virgin corners of nature all over Russia just to emphasize innocent beauty of girls in different perspectives and place them at your disposal.
… Russian artist Grigori Galitsin rocketed to fame in the late 1990's and his star has been on the rise ever since. He is now known the world over, especially in art photography circles, for his work featuring his ungodly beautiful young models …

Each file from 5 to 10Mb. Total size - 580 Mb.