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Frost Font Family
4 Font | TTF | OTF | 1 MB

Frost is a smooth and lively connected script family of three weights, ornament and banner sets and separate caps and small caps designed to support the script. Frost is influenced by the hand lettering and sign painting of the 1950s and 1960s with more polished appearance to better suit contemporary design trends.
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Almibar Font Family
4 Font | TTF | OTF | 0.2 MB

Almibar is a delicate and very elegant connected script font. Its classic style is perfect to be applied in any type of formal pieces such invitations, labels and menus.
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Centrifuge Font Family
3 Font | TTF | OTF | 0.3 MB

Originally inspired by manufacturer badges on old laboratory equipment, Centrifuge sports soft geometric shapes, wedge serifs, and sharply-angled terminals. Quirky but versatile, Centrifuge can appear anywhere from formal and elegant to funky and chunky depending on how it’s set. Centrifuge is suitable for short-form text and headlines but really sings in an all-caps setting with generous tracking.
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Congenial Font Family
10 Font | TTF | OTF | 0.7 MB

Wanting to design her own sans-serif typeface for her own web site to complement the rest of her type library, Laura Worthington designed Congenial as an understated, highly legible complement to her more decorative display faces. Of course, Laura is never far from her calligraphic roots, so Congenial retains some hand-drawn elements, visible particularly in the heavier weights of this generous 11-face family
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Churchward 69 Font Family
10 Font | TTF | OTF | 0.4 MB

Churchward 69 is a ten weight typeface family originally designed during the late 1960’s by the late type designer Joseph Churchward. From the extremely condensed Regular weight to the outlandishly heavy Ultra Black, this square sans serif makes an audacious statement. Even the Italics are extreme at their 17 degree angle! Churchward 69 includes 5 weights, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Black, and the gorgeous Ultra Black, and their italics. Joseph sure knew how to draw heavy weights!
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Brokman Sans Serif Font Family
10 Font | WOFF | OTF | 28 MB

A contemporary sans serif typeface. The evolution of the design is in response to feedback gathered from various professional bodies in the typographic industry.
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Glamwords Font Family
4 Font | WOFF | OTF | 0.8 MB

If you love outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, platform-soled boots, flamboyant costumes, so Glamwords is what you need for your design creations. Glamwords typeface is new font with a nostalgic reference to the Glitter style developed in 1970s. This font has been especially designed for Mostardesign Studio by Olivier Gourvat. Created in 2009, this font family can be used for very short texts however it is particularly effective for headlines in larger point sizes so that its details are emphasized. Glamwords is a very geometric face best used in experimental designs (i.e., logos, web sites, flyers, and expressive headlines).
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Babbage Font Family
4 Font | WOFF | OTF | 0.3 MB

Babbage derives its inspiration from the pure utilitarian form of a typewriter font, humanized with a subtle infusion of naive capriciousness. Its prosaic heritage is seasoned with an understated elegance and quiet flair.
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Californya Font Family
8 Font | OTF | 4 Mb

Californya is based on several manuscripts from 16th century, and completely reinterpreted with a vast series of characters drawn by hand. Each character is full of rich details, capturing the expression and style of a true calligraphy. It will add real Passion to anything you write
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Phoenica Std Font Family
28 Font | WOFF | OTF | 4 MB

PHOENICA offers to you as a welcome alternative to the contemporary humanistic Sansserif. It is a very adaptable family for text and Corporate design uses. Several companies have discovered PHOENICA meanwhile as a Corporate font for themselves and use them very successfully.
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1 Font | OTF | PNG | 94 Mb

Gabriel is a brand new hand made brush font. also coming with awesome watercolor textures. Great for any invitation designs, watercolor themed designs, greeting card design. You can use this font in many different areas like; print, apparel designs, web designs. Create awesome designs with this typeface.
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Globe Font
1 Font | OTF | 28 kb

Globe's a sturdy yet little erratic brush font created as part of a new range of unique brush fonts from Design Surplus. The imperfectly brushed letters hug tightly to each other and give any piece of artwork a real hand crafted unique feel.
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Boldy Font
2 Font | TTF | OTF | Webfonts | 0.3 MB

Boldy is beauty big font, simple, clean, elegant and flexible. With 456 of glyphs including multilingual support, standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures, contextual alt, swash and stylistic alternates. To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Word 2010 or later versions.
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Fonstyle + Fonari
2 Font | TTF | OTF | EPS | 300 MB

Introducing Fonstyle - a handmade typeface using brush and watercolour. Truly handmade quality to create an organic and natural design. Suitable for poster, headline, logo, pull-quotes, wedding invitation, label etc. Good news! Bonus Fonari, a new handmade typeface just for this package so you will easily mix and match your design to be more cool and fantatstic. One more, included vector swooshes as a special bonus for you. :)
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Kansas Brush
2 Font | WOFF | OTF | 1.22 MB

Brush Kansas modern font that is ideal for announcing the big event, sale or something important to you in terms of promotions and other special events with a very small capital letters corresponding guided in all your needs kansas brush developed into a letter with handwriting and vintage manual perpanduan adobe illustrator ... This may be suitable for you and can petrify your needs and be a solution for those who want to wear kansas brush.