Middle Eastern 3D Models Collection for Daz Studio

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Middle Eastern 3D Models Collection for Daz Studio

Middle Eastern 3D Models Collection for Daz Studio | 1.1 Gb

Although DAZ 3D models are well known for their quality and affordable pricing, what really sets DAZ 3D models apart from other 3D catalogs is the level of customization and inter-compatibility. For example, where else on the internet can you find a single website that allows you to purchase 3D human figures and 3D accessories AND know that they were ALL built to work with each other seamlessly?

About DAZ 3D

DAZ Productions originated as the Poser-production division of Zygote Media Group, Inc., in Provo, Utah where the content included within Poser 3 and 4 was born. After creating the default content for MetaCreations, Daz developed the "Millennium Woman" Victoria and the "Millennium Man" Michael figures. With a tremendous positive response from the Poser user base, DAZ gained a strong reputation as the premier source for Poser oriented digital content. In December of 2000, DAZ branched off from Zygote, and became a freestanding corporation. In January 2001, DAZ Productions opened its first e-commerce website with 159 products. DAZ has built a business by creating 3D digital content at affordable price points offered to the public via an online store. DAZ also works closely with third party artists and offers an online publishing program through which these artists can make their own creations available to the DAZ customer base.

The company now sells over 3,000 products to a constantly growing group of customers. DAZ has a variety of software solutions designed to expand the market for digital content, including the increasingly popular DAZ Studio software application. DAZ Studio removes the barrier to entry for newcomers to the 3D industry, as it is offered free of charge. DAZ Studio provides an environment where users may take their favorite 3D assets and easily create art or animation for either recreational or professional endeavors. With a free, easy to use 3D tool, DAZ hopes to reach new industries and individuals that would otherwise be excluded. DAZ continues to focus primarily on creating digital content, and only develops items that help increase the demand for future DAZ digital content. With this in mind, DAZ continually develops new versions of their popular "Millennium" figures, as well as developing relations with the most successful third party content creators.

What is included in the package Middle Eastern Models Collection:

- Kingdom of Marrakesh

The Kingdom of Marrakesh is not just an amazing city, but is also a symbol of the Morocco that once was, where traditions and echoes of the past continue to this day. Its strong geometrical designs, both in shape and texture, offer a rich and vibrant backdrop that spans the ages and the test of time.
Included in this pack is a detailed courtyard, ornate ablution fountain, arched corridors and complete interior. Each item is modular, giving the options to create a full high-resolution full-circle courtyard, or break the scene down into any single component. Wall sections offer removable panels and doors are fully articulated. The set also includes a low-resolution version of both windows and doors for when the finer details are not needed.
Also included is a 25-camera preset bundle from Joelegecko (creator of the Directors Cut series) that fully exploits the detail this set contains.
- Jewel of the South
Jewel of the South is an add-on pack for the Kingdom of Marrakesh 3D building and includes a new building and several props to enhance this set.
Included are the Jewel of the South building, a set of 4 plant pots (preset for use with Lisa's Botanicals - Palm Trees and Lisa's Botanicals - Tropicals), an ornate raised seating platform, wall lights, an additional ground plane for the rear of the set, an authentic ceiling light, and a set of rugs.
All items come with two texture options to match both the original Kingdom of Marrakesh pack and the Ochre City texture add-on.
Each prop comes with a preload preset as well as zeroed CR2s for maximum versatility. There's also a set of Poser-specific interior and exterior lights and a set of Poser camera presets.
- Ochre City
Ochre City is a texture expansion pack for the Kingdom of Marrakesh. It transforms the original set into an earth-toned set of weathered buildings featuring worn and beaten paneling, murals and mosaics. The visual styling means it can be used in many different settings: historical, fantasy or even present-day.
The set comes with a full set of CR2s to allow the set to be easily loaded, while maintaining all the flexibility of the original product.
- Marrakesh Souks
Marrakesh Souks is the backdrop to a vibrant melting pot of cultures, languages, shops and stalls. This versatile exterior pack includes everything you need to create a thriving bazaar, including structural parts: walls, ground, arch and doorways (4 styles). Details includes fully articulated doors, windows, wall lights, sun screen and 3 styles of awnings.
The set features both preload and individual CR2 presets for maximum versatility. Also included are bonus preload presets for Lisa's Botanicals - Tropicals and the Jewel of the South expansion pack, to load potted plants as seen in the promo images. They are a nice addition but not a strict requirement to use the rest of the set.
Additonal bonus items include a Poser 6 environment lightset, a DAZ Studio light preset for the wall lights, 5 Poser camera presets as well as DAZ Studio and Poser 6 MAT files.
- Marrakesh Souk Basket
Marrakesh Souk Basket is an add-on 3D prop created in the traditional Moroccan style, and contains a selection of items commonly found in the Souks.
- Quel Bazar
Take a stroll through the exotic spice and pottery markets of Casablanca with Quel Bazar, a Moroccan street market with authentic appointments including ornate tile, stone traceries, and myriad exotic details. This is a complete texture set for the Marrakesh Souks 3D building.
- Persian Kucheh
This is a full 360 degree figure with many moving parts. All the pots and grain sacks are separate parts and can be moved or hidden. The set also has many of those same items saved as stand alone props. This set has high-res textures and bump maps, great for close up work.
- Saba'a AlKair
Mix Persian, Islamic and Indian architecture and this is the result. A serene, all marble backdrop, strong geometrical shapes accentuated with ornate water features.
Each item is modular, giving the option to create a full high resolution 360° backdrop, or break the scene down into just a single component - the choice is yours.
- Jannah
Jannah represents the Islamic conception of Paradise. This stand-alone 3D structure, created to inspire idyllic artwork, is surrounded by ornate benches and a small fountain.
The set is split into numerous parts, including separate walls, roof, cushions and lights. It includes a preload CR2 and equivalent DAZ Studio scene for ease of use.
- Amal My Protector
From the delicate lace to the embroidered beads nestling in the shoes, the wonderfully detailed textures of this set add a rich new look to the Moroccan Dreams 3D clothing collections for Michael 4 and Victoria 4. This addition is ideal for close-up work.
- Streets Of The Mediterranean
The Streets Of The Mediterranean is the perfect romantic environment for your European getaway, inspired by the back streets & village alleys of old Italy.
- Lorez Arab Male
Fill your desert and middle eastern scenes with this easy to use low resolution Arab Male. This set offers lots of versatility with three different styles of Arab. There are options for the traditional headscarf called a Shemagh, a turban called a Tagelmust, a skull cap called a Taqiyah and the traditional Fez. The Thawb robes comes in seven colors, the Tagelmust, Taqiyah and Shemagh have six colors. There are four skin options with different facial hair styles. Each figure has geometry swapping to give two sandal styles.


- Rani for v4 (

Rani, alternatively spelled Ranee, is the female equivalent of Raja. In many Indo-Aryan languages it can mean "queen" or "lady".
Add the glamour and charme of Bollywood movies to your runtime with this photorealistic character for Victoria.
Rani's face is a combination of a custom morph and DAZ-morphs that will give V4 a completely new look. Her body was sculpted by hand to give her the slender, natural shape of a dancer.
You can use the morphs "as is" or combine them with your own settings to achieve new, unique looks.
This character set is tested in and made for Poser 6 and 7 - you are able to use this pack in Poser 5, too, but some features like Ambient Occlusion will not show up.

Middle Eastern 3D Models Collection for Daz Studio

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