Digital Film Tools 55mm v7.5 for Adobe Photoshop

Posted By: BARR
Digital Film Tools 55mm v7.5 for Adobe Photoshop

Digital Film Tools 55mm v7.5 for Adobe Photoshop | 31,1 Mb
Photoshop plug-in

The 55MM digital optical filters from Digital Film Tools seem to have a bit of that Hollywood movie
magic as they apply their effects to Photoshop images.

An extensive filter collection, they excel at enhancing the light, color, and diffusion in ways that magically transform the atmosphere and mood in images. On a more routine level, they are some of the best and most powerful tools we have found for color correcting, and as such are a basic part of our workflow.

55MM has 47 different filters, all with 16-bit functionality.
The set of plug-ins includes:
Black Mist | Black & White | Bleach Bypass | Center Spot | Color Conversion |
Color Correct | Color Grad | Color Temperature | Cross Processing | Defocus |
Diffusion |

Dual Tint | Enhancing | Fast Blur | Faux Film | Fluorescent | Fog | F-Stop | Glow |
Grain | Infra-Red | Lens Distortion |

Light! | Low Contrast | Matte Generator | Mist | ND Grad | Night Vision |
Overexpose | Ozone | Polarizer | Printer Points | Rosco Gels |

Selective Color Correct | Selective Saturation | Selective Soft Focus |
Soft EFX | Star | Streaks | Sunset/Twilight | Tint | Temperature |
Ultra Contrast | Warm Mist |