Digital Juice Graphic Designers Toolkit 5

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Digital Juice Graphic Designers Toolkit 5
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The Graphic Designer's Toolkit series was developed due to the popularity of our Motion Designer's Toolkit line. Many of our customers wanted access to the design elements used to create these motion design animations and projects without being required to purchase the full animation volumes. For a graphic designer working in any field from print to web or video, these design elements are a diamond mine of treasure and inspiration when setting out to design any type of cool original graphics. The elements are easily customized and composited together to create style and substance for any project.

The rough-hewn, artistic urban grunge elements in Graphic Designer's Toolkit 5 are based on content from Motion Designer's Toolkits 6 & 7, however the designs have been enhanced for print use. Some imagery was recreated specifically to be more print friendly instead of video friendly and we used much higher resolution source images that were not necessary for the MDT volumes. Wherever possible, these original high resolution Photoshop layered files are also included in this volume for even more flexibility for customizing the art to your needs. There is also a lot of extra content included which was not used in MDT 6 and 7 but which had already been created in the same style.

The imagery in this volume took a team of more than 40 different artists, from a wide variety of artistic fields, over 8 months to create. These pencil and tablet sketchers, vector design pros and traditional fine artists worked to painstakingly create and capture an organic grunge feel for the elements in the 39 different categories including angry-looking filigree and gritty rough brush strokes, retro-looking rays & grunge shapes, seals, signs and skid marks, as well as urban decay scenes, tree branches, weather symbols and border edges with a natural world focus.

- 39 unique categories
- 1212 elements (31 Angry Filigree, 20 Angry Strokes, 15 Chalked Arrows, 43 Classic Frames, 16 Comic City, 28 Cracks & Crevasses, 12 Creative Burst, 21 Etched Fills, 13 Fire Vines, 56 Flourishes & Vines, 42 Geometric Forms, 180 Grab Bag, 63 Gritty Edges, 20 Grunge Banners, 15 Grunge Burst, 32 Grunge Frames, 17 Grunge Shapes, 15 Grunge Shields, 15 Industrial Shadow, 21 Inked Arrows, 23 Thick Grunge Strokes, 41 Medium Grunge Strokes, 43 Thin Grunge Strokes, 13 Natural Edge, 22 Paint Throw, 16 Retro Grunge, 83 Retro Rays, 15 Rough Angles, 17 Rough Edges, 25 Rough Holds, 20 Rough Shapes, 25 Rough Threads, 36 Seals & Signs, 27 Skid Marks, 15 Sky Lines, 31 Tree Branches, 20 Urban Decay, 34 Watercolor Splats, 31 Weather Symbols)
- 1212 transparent PNG files with alpha channel
- 373 AI vector files
- 583 layered high resolution PSD files

Home Page - http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=1591

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Posted By: prior.ivan Date: 10 May 2012 08:37:00
Any chances to re-upload?
Posted By: Dizel_ Date: 10 May 2012 11:27:18
As soon as possible
Posted By: prior.ivan Date: 10 May 2012 12:35:49
Thanks in advance, may be you'll add some letitbit links as well, won't you?
Posted By: anti. Date: 10 May 2012 16:12:51
bro please upload this asap...we all need this as hell :\
Posted By: Foxtune Date: 06 Sep 2012 20:52:01
any news... ?