3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.6

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3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.6

3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.6 | 3.8 Gb

Although DAZ 3D models are well known for their quality and affordable pricing, what really sets DAZ 3D models apart from other 3D catalogs is the level of customization and inter-compatibility. For example, where else on the internet can you find a single website that allows you to purchase 3D human figures and 3D accessories AND know that they were ALL built to work with each other seamlessly?

About DAZ 3D

DAZ Productions originated as the Poser-production division of Zygote Media Group, Inc., in Provo, Utah where the content included within Poser 3 and 4 was born. After creating the default content for MetaCreations, Daz developed the "Millennium Woman" Victoria and the "Millennium Man" Michael figures. With a tremendous positive response from the Poser user base, DAZ gained a strong reputation as the premier source for Poser oriented digital content. In December of 2000, DAZ branched off from Zygote, and became a freestanding corporation. In January 2001, DAZ Productions opened its first e-commerce website with 159 products. DAZ has built a business by creating 3D digital content at affordable price points offered to the public via an online store. DAZ also works closely with third party artists and offers an online publishing program through which these artists can make their own creations available to the DAZ customer base.

About Renderosity

The Renderosity community is made up of members who have a passion for helping others learn, share and grow in digital art. The participation and interaction among members has slowly built a family and a place known as a "home". The Renderosity membership is a very interactive community with forums, chats, free content and a marketplace for digital products and 3D models.

In 3D models Collection for Daz3D and Poser vol.5 it is included:

- 10 Knights Set

This is a set of ten different clothing textures for each the Tunic and the Tabard, aswell as a full chainmail suit.
37 texture poses in all! Each outfit is based on a drawing seen in the 14th Century 'Codex Manesse', one of the most important manuscripts of medieval Germany. (Accuracies vary though, since not each knight is depicted with the same amount of detail and I had to take some artistic license. But it's not meant to be an accurate recreation anyways!)
- St Michael's Gate

This gate which used to be one of the entrances to the city of Paris, features two very different styles. One being clearly medieval, military in style, with strong fortifications, while the other is at the transition of late medieval and renaissance, more airy and decorative in style. Included are two crenelated walls of different sizes to match the gate.
- LoREZ Horse
Now it's possible to fill your scenes with a low resolution horse that looks good and is easy on computer resources. The base horse figure has only 3157 polygons, coupled with a version with Saddle/Tack that comes to only 4867. A separate Unicorn figure is also included. There are several morphs for the mouth, close eyes, thicken legs; and a further 10 injection channels for future custom morphs to be loaded.
The props include a bridle and reins that maybe possible in most cases to use Poser's Cloth Room for dynamic fitting. Constrained vertices have been set-up on both props. The other two smart-props are a Unicorn horn and the BedRoll for the Saddle
There are 23 textures to choose from including variations on Black, Brown, Chestnut, Grey and White. There is an included Normal map for both DAZ Studio and Poser versions, however there are separate MATs available if you require not to use this option. Numerous MATs are available to swap over the mane from left to right, also turn off the Fetlock hair and two options for the Forelock that will help to fit the horn. Four different textures are available for the Saddle Blanket. Finally there are 10 poses.

3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.6

- Besieged
There's plenty of castles in the Poserverse, but not a lot of ways to take them down… until now! With a torsion style catapult, classic battering ram, and the incredibly HUGE trebuchet, start showing those cowards hiding behind their walls that they're just not safe anymore!
- Greatswords
Zweihanders. Zanbatous. Claymores. Great big wedges o' steel. Whatever you want to call them, few weapons are as purely intimidating as the classic two-handed Greatsword. While they may not have been used very often (or in some cases at all) in history, fantasy and fiction has these mighty blades as the most powerful of all. Now you can properly arm your fantasy warriors in an imposing method befitting their heroic stature!
- LoREZ Monk
This great looking standalone monk is perfect as low resolution character for your scenes. It comes with three figures, Hood Up, Hood Down and with no Hood, they range from 6652 to 6998 polygons. Based on the popular Lorenzo Lorez low resolution male figure by Predatron this monk figure has many of the same facial and body morphs. Also all the Lorenzo skin textures can easily be used on the monk. The Monk Robes are the low resolution version of the M4 Monk Robes and all the textures are lower in resolution too. Both can work very well together when lots of monks are required in a scene.
- 4 Corners Keep: Dark Places, Commons, Pyramid
This is the bottom 5 levels of a fairly good compromise between a realistic and a fantasy medieval keep. It has 13 levels, where a normal keep might have two or three floors. This is the bottom five levels. The basement, dungeons, sub-dungeon, and a deep place with a water filled pit well in the middle, good for feeding prisoners to ancient and terrible monsters. I have finished and will be uploading most of the rest before Christmas. Next week should include the ground floor, with a firepit for cooking, the second floor with tables, shelves and a fireplace for cooking, plus the surrounding terrain and external environments for the keep. There will be barrels, sacks, tables, chairs, beds, not very fancy. If you do research, beds and chairs were rare in the Middle Ages. Many of them looked quite modern, Google them for pictures. So prepare to celebrate the Holidays with those pesky heroes trying to overthrow your tyrannical rule safely imprisoned in your dungeons…..
- Templar Knight
With this pack you can transform Apollo Maximus figure into a Templar Knight. This pack comes with separate clothes, so you can combine as you want. This pack comes with a helmet,weapons and 2 different shields too.
- Camthalion
An old dark mystical place for your runtime. Colored and styled with high detail textures that are perfect to combine with other medieval props. You can load the columns and the fence ready to use, or you can choose both as a single item which you can place wherever you may want. All textures come with bump and displacement maps.
- Merlin's Medieval Swords
The Broadsword, Longsword and Highland Claymores were all types of sword during the medeival period in Europe. The Broadsword was the earliest of the three dating from around 1000 A.D. Next came the Longsword in 1350 A.D. and finally the two handed Highland Claymore, used by the Scottish in the 1500's.
A golden Broadsword inspired by the weapon Alfred the Great, King of the Anglo Saxons, used against the Viking invasion of England in 871. Complete with brown leather and gold scabbard. A silver Longsword with a black leather bound hilt and scabbard. A two handed Scottish Highland Claymore with a leather twist hilt and down-sloping arms ending in quatrefoils.
- Medieval Rooms part2
Second part of a new series of medieval furniture and props, designed to re-create your own medieval interior scenes. This set includes 11 highly detailed props, all historically accurate, re-created from the drawings of medievalist Viollet Le Duc, in his "Dictionnary of French Furnishings". More furniture sets will follow, along with a few rooms to furnish.
- The Cistern
Magical and ancient, The Cistern will bring true mystery to your renders. High Resolution Textures with displacement and specular maps will bring every watery crack and crevice to life, and with a library of tiling props, you can build the Cistern as infinite as your imagination.
- Sturmengeist Castle
- Medieval Peasant Life 1 & 2

This pack provides users with medieval peasant life elements for construction of medieval, fantasy, or other related scenes. This pack features a complete set design for villagers within a countryside environment. Efficiently built for size and performance with highly detailed models for the ground system, building, props, and landscaping accessories.
- Ancient Parts'n Pieces
- Aesthetic Demon - Dark Age Weapons Pack
- Bladed Weapons
- Castle Guard Armor Outfit for M3
- Cistern from Orestes
- Swords & Scabbards
- By the Sword Poses
- Archery

Fifteen action/fantasy poses for M4/V4 with Arcane Archery
- Dark Places: Sewer 2k9
Dark Places is inspired by the shadows, the places where dark things lurk. With textures so real you can almost smell the grunge & grime.
- BRC - The Cloister
RC - The Cloister is a detailed gothic courtyard area. The set features authentic vaulted ceilings and intricate stone archways that lead out into a small courtyard. In this area is a small wishing well surrounded by a pair of stone benches. This comes complete as a preloaded set, as well as additional presets for easy modification and expansion.

3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.6

- Wharf Construction Set: Piers
Sitting on the dock by the bay or do you just need a place to tie up your yacht? Well now you can with this set of construction elements. Design and render hundreds of different configurations using the easy grid and pose system. Whether making a large array for a landscape renders or a couple of sections for a close up shot you can do it with this set. Build your design in Studio and transfer to Bryce 5.5 for even more possibilities.
- Magic Shoppe
This pack includes textures and props to turn the Redhouse Sweet Shoppe into a Magic Shoppe. Weathered, dirty textures give the shoppe a darker look. The new props include three cages, two cauldrons, mortar and pestle, a glass dome, and a lamp. Also included is the light set used to render the promo images.
- Celtic Archer
Celtic Archer is a conforming clothing and prop set for Victoria 3.
- Medieval City
Bring your historical and fantasy renders to life, with this extraordinary set of detailed medieval buildings!
- Medieval Market
This 72 piece prop set is the indispensable complement to all your medieval and fantasy renders.
- The Knight Errant for David
Wanted: Knight in Shining Armor for Artistic Render (must have own armor) Now David has even more opportunities in the job market as a choice male model for fantasy art with the new Knight Errant armor. This versatile new armor set includes 18 different conforming pieces, 4 texture sets, a sword prop and swordsman pose, giving you tons of options for creating the perfect suit of armor.
- The Tavern

Turn the Redhouse Studios Christmas Carol into a Tavern, complete with bottles, stools, tables and glasses.
- Medieval Furniture
An intricately modeled set of medieval-style furniture for your virtual world. Included are nine pieces, each with a rich wooden texture, accented with cast iron fittings. The doors, lids and panels open and close for added realism.
- Medieval Garden
The Medieval Garden is a secret place, perfect for frolicking fairies or gothic ladies. Dark textures give the garden a mystical feel, while the five included lights enhance the mood with deep shadows for your fantasy renders. All of the included items load separately, so it's easy to mix with other environments or objects. There are two different floors, one with and one without a pond, and five camera settings to help you get started. The floor without the pond can even be inverted and used as a ceiling!
- Pharaohs of the Sun for V4
This Egyptian-styled outfit for Victoria 4 includes eight conforming pieces – dress, overskirt, belt, sandals, 2 headdresses, necklace and collar. Heaps of morphs make posing and fitting easy!
- V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress
Loaded with just about all of the Victoria 4 body morphs and tons of additional movement morphs, the new Morphing Fantasy Dress will be your most versatile dress ever.
- V4 Hooded Cloak

From a trip to grandmother's house to a journey of might and magic, wrap your V4 characters in warm colored velvet and silky satin. A timeless garment that poses and morphs for any V4 character, this lined hooded cloak can be used in on a variety of figures in countless ways. Compatible with other Hooded Cloak textures.
- Medieval Village: The Stable
This is another part for the Medieval Village theme. With this stable you get the right place for your Millenium Horse. The building is made to work together with the Medieval Shootingplace or any other Medieval styled buildings. For ease of use there are five different cameras included. The Door and both sidegates can be open. Build up your library with this stable.
- Medieval Village-Smithy
Grow your Medieval Village with this new building. Here is the Smithy. It works perfectly with the other buildings of this series. The complete smithy is textured with a lot of details and uses displacement for more realism. 5 Cameras included for easy use. One preload with all items loading with only one click.
- Wine Cellar
Get an old medieval styled wine cellar for your renders. Fully textured with bump and displacement maps. Includes five camera presets and one light set for Poser 6 and later. Eight props in all.
- Medieval Blacksmith
A detailled set feturing a medieval forge, with plenty of associated props. Perfect for your medieval and fantasy renders!
- Medieval Barn
A detailed medieval barn with various tools and accessories, perfect for your medieval and fantasy renders. Included are a posable wagon, a barrel, a bucket, a chicken crate, firewood, a collection of stable tools, and even a hay pile. DAZ Studio materials are also included, so the barn works in your rendering program of choice.
- Medieval Gate House
Detailed medieval gate house with assorted props, perfect for you medieval and fantasy renders.
- Old Bakery
Get a wonderful old bakery for your render. The complete room can be loaded with one click or each item separately. Each wall can be loaded separately so you can load only the items you need and don't have any problems with cameras inside the wall. Completely textured with bump and displacement maps. The door and the drawer of the stove can be opened and closed.
- Medieval Inn
Detailed medieval inn, with assorted props, perfect for your medieval and fantasy renders.
- Medieval Shop
Detailed medieval shop with assorted props, perfect for your medieval and fantasy renders.
- Gothic Construction Kit
Now you can build your own castle. 10 modular building props for making all kinds of wonderful Gothic structures.
- The Tomb
For all you tomb raiders out there,a stunning stone tomb.Ruined columns make a perfect playground for your fantasy scenes. Includes a high quality texture set.
- Medieval Chamber
A highly realistic medieval chamber for all your fantasy scenes. With posable door built from a 17th-century original chapel door. Includes props, lighting and hi-res textures.
- Grimstone: Construction Kit Expansion
Grimstone: The expansion for Stonemasons 'Gothic construction kit.' Weathered & worn, industrial textures add a new dimension to your creations.
- Medieval Combat Motions 80 Pack
These motions were performed by a team of professional actors, acrobats and combat professionals, including Roald Knutson, a Sixth Dan Kendo swordmaster.
- PoseAmation 2 Battle Clash Animation for M3
The Battle Clash Animation Pack is the first of a series of animation files that can be built together to create small or large scale battles. This pack focuses on the point of contact directly after a charge. (watch for the Battle Charge Pack next!) The consequences of the clash are success (Charge Thru) or failure. The failure scenes have the figure falling in many directions. Try it in a crowd scene and watch the mayhem!!!
Each animated scene can be used to create dozens of still poses – simply advance to the frame that you want to use and then save it as a pose to the library! Or, if you want to save time, the Battle Clash Poses pack has all you will need.
- Horseback Combat
A Warrior, a Horse, a Blade… The primary fighting unit for millennia 75 poses for Warriors and Warhorses
- Villager Clothes for V3's MFD & Expansion Packs
This texture pack also works with the Aiko Morphing Fantasy Dress, Morphing Fantasy Dress for Laura, The Girl Morphing Fantasy Dress and any associated accessory packs (if used).
- Castle Study
The Castle Study is a dark shadowy place where legends begin and end…and begin again. A place where Wizards may gaze deeply into ancient scrolls, Ghosts may haunt the dark recesses, Vampires may hold council, or when illuminated may be used as a fine chamber for royalty to entertain. Let your dreams come to life in the splendor of this fantasy.
This set contains High and Low resolution versions of textures for the popular 'The Study' model set, plus a bonus texture for the additional door prop found in 'The Study Expansion Pack'.
- Stonemason: Cathedral Remains Expansion
- The Heart of the Matter - Lisas Botanicals

A tree in the forest has no option for moving on to greener pastures when the going gets tough. It must grow where it is planted. There are many things we can learn from this growing while standing still.
I often seek the solace of nature when I am experiencing emotional turmoil. It can feel overwhelming to experience the many things I cannot control about my life and my relationships. In sitting still and allowing the peaceful perfection of the natural world to act as my safety net I find that I am able to ground myself and allow that peace to resonate within me. Sitting quietly under the shade of an old tree assists me to let go of the extraneous things that distract me, to go deeper into my own truth and to get to the core of whatever is currently bothering me … to get to the Heart of the Matter.
It is from this still, quiet space of standing still that I experience the most inner growth and I learn once again what it means to grow where you are planted. Lisa's Botanicals - The Heart of the Matter is an invitation to sit still for a while, connect with your own truth and allow the peaceful perfection of nature to be reflected as peace within you.
- Dragon Ballista
Harpoon style medieval arrow launcher with four different style heads to assure that your always prepared for whatever the kingdom next door sends your way.
- Grandmaster
The Grandmaster is a pack of textures and morphs (you need the M4 morphs for these to work) for Michael 4. There are 4 textures in the set: An elderly knight with full beard or goatee only, and a younger knight without beard, in a clean texture and a scarred texture. Also in the pack one scarred torso and leg texture and 9 eye options!
Matching matposes, bumpmaps and transparancy maps.
- Hand Cuff
- Historical Armor for V4

Bedecked in armor with sword in hand, V4 is ready to defend the village from dragons, villainy, and any other affront to the peace. Introducing Historical Armor for V4 – A DAZ Original product equipping your characters with everything they need to rise triumphant.
- Jane's Mercery - A Medieval Textures Sampler
This is a selection of 45 seamless textures based on medieval patterns - fabric, frescoes and engraved metal, plus bump maps to use with stone, wood, metal. It's the first time I've released any textures into the community so apologies if
they aren't perfect. The original patterns are taken from a Dover publication but are modified so that the published images can not be reconstituted. In keeping with Dover permissions, no more than ten published patterns have been used in making this resource. There are four base patterns: diamond and fleur-de-lys, geometric and ball-flowers(jimg13A and jimg5) and an oakleaf border. I have introduced small imperfections into the textures to try to give them a 'hand-made' feel appropriate for the period.
- Normans Pack for M3
- Knight Errant Poses for Armor Tree
- Lady Of Legend
- Little castle
- Defensor Tincture Pack for Defensor & Dreadsake for M4
- The Medeival Cart for Poser 6

3D models Collection for Daz3D & Poser vol.6

- Medieval Peasant Life Vol 2
This pack provides medieval peasant life elements for users to construct medieval, fantasy, or other related scenes. With the richness of this set you'll find almost limitless uses for your projects.
- Medieval Hallway 2
- Artisians Medieval: Boot Maker, Candle Maker, Blacksmith, Cabinet Maker, Glass Blower, Taylor, Bonus Medieval Apothecary
- MFD Green Gold For V4
- Mostdigitalcreations - Fight Poses for V4 and V3
- Omni (Scythe, Shield, Sword)Super Prop

…….and more, more……………

Note: Collection of stuff from approximately 8th centurary (saxons,vikings), medieval (normans etc). Ive tried to weed out as much of the pure fantsay stuff as possible so hopefully there is no orcs ,elfs , goblins etc *. Contains stuff that was usefull to me so has things like trees, farm animals etc as well that fit.

* Cant gurantee it for sure those pointed ears are harder to kill than cockroaches but can do another large fantasy for dragons , armour etc if requested

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Name: 3D models Collection
Version: for Daz3D & Poser vol.6
Creator: www.daz3d.com & www.renderosity.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 3.8 Gb

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Middle Eastern 3D Models Collection for Daz Studio
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Poser Daz3D Bundle

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