Reusville - SP map for Call of Duty UO

Posted By: vaduz
Reusville - SP map for Call of Duty UO

Reusville - SP map for Call of Duty UO | 9.89 MB

Here's an absolutely incredible new single-player map for CoDUO, which to me probably played out better than any other CoDUO single-player mission in the stock game. It's got an amazing map layout to begin with; it allows for some good decision-making by the player, so it's not too linear, but it's easy enough to get from here to there so the game isn't annoying (as single-player sometimes gets). Outside of its beauty, it all makes sense, too! There's perfect amounts of cover where its needed, and it's realistically placed, so it won't detract from the aesthetics. Your teammates are of good use as well, and they help you out whenever needed. The mission itself makes a lot of sense, and the objectives are quite fun to take on, too, along with the challenge of defeating the enemy. As far as audio and visuals go, there's a brilliant sprinkling of voiceovers and music to increase the dramatic intensity of play, and the mortar round effects simply look stunning in the rain. All in all, this map is an absolute must-play, so don't pass it up!

Installation Instructions:
Place Reusville.PK3 into your main Call of Duty United
Offensive folder.

located at:
C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo
Make sure you do not have +set developer 1 in your
properties target.