Lamaire - SP map for Call of Duty 2

Posted By: vaduz
Lamaire - SP map for Call of Duty 2

Lamaire - SP map for Call of Duty 2 | 28.35 MB

Here's a professional-level CoD2 single-player map by Ace008 that excels in all areas. You've got a great layout with perfect placement of critical gameplay elements, excellent use of custom textures and audio, multiple possibilities for plans of attack (there are three objectives given to be taken in no particular order), and of course, great looks. As is often the case with our small selection of CoD2SP maps, this is definitely not one to pass up. Check out the screenshots below, and play Lamaire today!

Installation Instructions:
Unzip the file and place the Lamaire.iwd file in the main Call of Duty 2 folder

located at:
C:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2main

Make sure you do not have +set developer 1 or +set g_connectpaths 1 in your properties target when you start the game.

Once you are at the main Call of Duty 2 screen where it says stuff such as mission select, options, resume mission, etc press the ~ key located one spot to the left of the number 1 on the keyboard to bring down the console and type /map lamaire. If for some reason when you press the ~ key and nothing happens go into options and look for something that says game options. Inside that their is a button that says enable console, make sure that says yes.