LENINGRAD - SP map for Call of Duty 2

Posted By: vaduz
LENINGRAD - SP map for Call of Duty 2

LENINGRAD - SP map for Call of Duty 2 | 27.82 MB

Finally, a rare treat for the modding community: a full custom-made single player map, for Call of Duty 2.
Single Player maps for COD2 can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
Hopefully, this one will give a helping hand by encouraging other modders to do the same.

During the 1943 counter-offensive, you and your fellow soldiers take part in a large scale offensive to dislodge the Nazi army from its position at one end of the city.
From the destroyed and burning city of Leningrad, you will make your way through the open ground of the city's outskirts to overcome the enemy blockades, destroy the flak and mortar positions, and drive off the invaders to help uplift the siege.

1. Open the file
2. Extract the "Leningrad.iwd" file into your "Call of Duty 2main" directory
3. Start COD2 single player, open console and type: "map leningrad"
4. Kick ass