STALINGRAD - SP map for Call of Duty 2

Posted By: vaduz
STALINGRAD - SP map for Call of Duty 2

STALINGRAD - SP map for Call of Duty 2 | 17.85 MB

New single player map for Call of Duty 2.
Entitled Stalingrad, this mission is in part inspired by the film Enemy at the Gates, and features unique objectives and memorable scenes.
This map was not meant to recreate scenes from the movie, but was simply inspired by it.

It is late autumn of 1942. You are a highly-praised soviet sniper. Crawling through the city's underground, creeping through ruins, jumping from one building to another, and engaging in close quarters combat as well as long-range shooting, you must make your way across part of Stalingrad. Around every corner is either friend or foe.
Your objectives are to gather intelligence, eliminate high-ranking officers and enemy snipers, and provide covering fire for your comrades as they pursue their own objectives to recapture lost ground.

1. Open the file
2. Extract the "Stalingrad.iwd" file into your "Call of Duty 2main" directory
3. Start COD2 single player, open console and type: "map stalingrad"
Make sur the console command line is cleared of other characters
(i.e. '#' or '/' , etc.)
4. Make sure you do not have developer option set in your single player shortcut