WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.8) - (Mods > Single-Player)

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WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.8) - (Mods > Single-Player)

WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.8) - (Mods > Single-Player)

WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.8) - (Mods > Single-Player) | 458.23 MB

Here's the latest version of WiCoPP's famed WCP CoD2 Reality mod for CoD2SP, and if I'm reading correctly, this is supposedly the final release of the mod! With that in mind, make sure you don't pass it up. I don't suppose I have to explain a whole lot; check out the list of additions and changes below, see the screenshots, and download WCP CoD2 Reality (V2.8) now!

Added/changed various menu options

Tweaked blood and gore

Fixed blood mod glitch on Pointe du Hoc

Fixed gore and death sounds (e.g. soldiers won't yell when killed instantly by a headshot)

Reworked AI weapon usage

Added new menu background image

Reworked Rhine level with new Axis soldiers (black SS next to camo SS, courtesy Rapsodia)

Numerous bug fixes and tweaks

This is the full version of the final part(2.8) of the WCP Mod for Call of Duty2 Singleplayer.
This mod most likely does not function properly along side other(SP)mods!

–WCP V2.8_UpDate.–
Version 2.8 is final and will be released as a full version and a patch version.
*2.1_to_2.8 Patch info at bottom of this readme file.

Having trouble running the game properly,go here for advise:


This is the full version of the final part(2.8) of the WCP Mod for Call of Duty2 Singleplayer.
This mod most likely does not function properly along side other(SP)mods!
Do not edit the names of the WCP.iwd files,changing the names may cause errors.If you still wish to change the names,they function in alfabetic order.

Extract the files WCP2.8.iwd and other WCP.iwd files you desire to your Call of Duty 2/main folder.
The file WCPsounds.iwd is a non-essential soundpack and is Not needed to run the mod.It simply is a compilation of my favorite sounds.


Delete the WCP .iwd files from your Call of duty 2/main folder.

-Alternate way of installing mods(Advanced):

Create a new folder in your activision/call of duty 2 folder,name it say WCP2 or mymod.
You will have 4 folders in your CoD2 folder after that:Main,Docs,Miles and WCP2 or mymod(If your game has been patched,5 folders,including a folder named pb(punkbuster)).
Extract the .iwd mod files into the new folder(WCP2 or mymod,that is).
Enter the Main folder and copy the Players folder.
Paste the Players folder into the new folder.
Create a new shortcut to your CoD2 single player.
Go to its properties,right-click on shortcut,bottom phrase.
In the target section you will see:drivefolders\CoD2SP_s.exe.
Behind .exe you must paste this:
+set fs_game WCP2
+set fs_game mymod
!Dont forget the spaces in between.Just copy on of the exact phrases as seen above and you should be ok!
Run the game through this new shortcut and the SP game will run on the mod.

-Uninstalling the Advanced mod install is simple:Remove the folder and shortcut…

Just start a new(already finished)mission/game…

*V2.8 Changes:
-Well,lots of changes,again and for the last time.Many menu options have been changed/added.
Read the menu options txt file carefully to get used to it!
-More gore tweaking.Fixed Pointe DuHoc Assault level,blood and gore fully functional.
-Gore and death sounds fixed.Now you wont see and hear a head splat AND hear a death cry,etc.
-Reworked AI,more enemy weapon usage(toggable in menu),etc.
-New menu background,cool vintage color photo I found on the Net.
-Reworked Rhine level,new Axis,Black uniform SS next to Camo SS,skin by Rapsodia.
-Lots more bug fixes and tweaks…

-About the separate WCP mod files(Note:These are to be used together with the WCP2.8 mod alone!):
-WCP2.8_Silo101.iwd:Reworked!The 101st Airborne vs Luftwaffe(Ferrans`excellent 101st and Luftwaffe skins),put this file in your folder and start the Silo level to experience some Airborne vs Luftwaffe action.

-About the non-essential soundpack(Also usable without the mod):
It simply is a compilation of my favorite weapon sounds,some from other mods/games,some I have edited,some are original.So I do Not credit myself for these!I Do credit myself for a few sounds,which I have taken and edited myself from the Band of Brothers series:MG42,.30Cal,M1Carbine and Tommy.New sounds created by Achilles from the SPR and BoB sound mods.

-About the non-essential Hi-Res pack(Note:Usable with the WCP2.7-2.8 mod):
Available as a separate download at
,a hi-res version of many of the skins used by the WCP2.7-2.8 version.
For all you hi-res freaks out there.You have thank Rapsodia and Ferran for this one,guys.