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Navigatris | 13.4mb

Embark on a unique new blend of puzzle and action game as you try to keep your ship afloat by patching it with the correct repair blocks! Sail your way through history as you perform tasks to complete each level. It's exciting fun on the high seas with Navigatris!

For over twenty years you have been playing tetris games, neglecting all other aspects of your life, and shocking your family and friends by doing so. This revolutionary game genre will give your a reason to continue!

Keep your ship afloat by patching it will available repair blocks. Shape of repair blocks is based upon tetris heritage , making this a puzzle game also. Overcome bad weather , low crew morale and warlike tribes in total of 21 unique levels and 3 different time periods.
Upon starting of level , your advisor , unique for that time period , will brief you about your assigments and difficulties. By default , game is using window mode , so you can easily switch to other applications.

21 unique levels across 3 different time periods

Colorful cartoon style graphics

Familiar concept with all new and fun twist!

Easy to learn, but keeps you entertained hour after hour!