Maze Fantasy

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Maze Fantasy

Maze Fantasy | 59.4 Mb

You play the little sorcerer who must find the Big Blue Crystal stolen by the Lord of Darkness to restore peace to the realm! Your quest will be arduous: travel through Heroic Fantasy worlds swarming with monsters, avoid traps and solve puzzles.

You must collect all the green crystals while avoiding or destroying monsters, and pick up different types of bonuses to progress to the next level. Maze Fantasy is based on the concept of Pac-Man adding traps, puzzles, labyrinths, keys to open doors and lots more. The energy orbs make you invincible to enable you to eliminate the monsters.
You have to finish each level within the time limit.
This game demands nerves of steel!
60 levels
5 enchanted worlds with colourful graphics
3 difficulty levels (easy, average, hard)
Around ten different types of monsters