Crossword Tiles 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch

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Crossword Tiles 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch

Crossword Tiles 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch | 6,54 MB

Crossword Tiles is a cross between a traditional crossword puzzle, scrabble, and boggle. To solve a Crossword Tiles puzzle you need to arrange the given letter tiles in a grid to form valid words in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Each puzzle included with the game has been selected so as not to contain words with non-standard spellings.

Crossword Tiles Features Include:
* 4 Difficulty Levels
- Easy: 3x3 grid
- Standard: 4x4 grid
- Hard: 5x5 grid
- Brutal: 6x6 grid
* Includes 2 puzzles packs with 130 individual puzzles.
* Check your progress at any time.
* Progress for unfinished puzzles are saved automatically.
* Drop the tiles onto a free space on the game board and they will snap into place.
* Easily rearrange the tiles on the game board.
* Upload your solution times to the Crossword Tiles game server.