Rummi 5.0

Posted By: Suziewuzie
Rummi 5.0

Rummi 5.0 | 3 Mb

Play now Rummikub on your PC!

Program languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portugese, Magyar, Dutch.

When you are new to the game, Rummi offers excellent help to get you started. First, you can do the tutorial: a step by step walkthrough of an entire game, where you learn the basic game rules and how to use the program.
Then there is the help file, with in-depth explanations of every game rule, and examples. And finally, at any time during a game you can ask the computer to show you a possible move so you can learn about moves and combinations

In Rummi, gameplay is as easy as possible. You move tiles by simple drag and drop, and with the right mouse button you can pick up two or more tiles at once. Tiles will snap into place, and will move out of the way to make room for others, so you don't need to move tiles around that you didn't actually play.
When the table has become so crowded that it is difficult to see a move, you can re-arrange all tiles with a single mouse click and have the perfect overview again. Also, you can keep the tiles in you hand sorted in several useful ways.
And whenever you did something not-so-clever, you can always undo every move in your turn, and redo them if necessary.

No special system requirements.